Wednesday, February 4th-- LOVE BY THE MOON


"Live by the sun, love by the moon..."

Come gather to honor the brightest lunar light leading up to Valentines' Day!

The moon rules the deep well of your dreams and unconscious Self. When it is beaming bright, our feelings rise with the ocean tides. Channel your inner truth at its fullest by spending time with spirit in a safe and sacred group setting.

In this ritual we will honor ourselves and each other as luminescent love-creators. By shifting into a place of deep gratitude, we will call in the power of the moon to manifest your heart's desire. Magnetize true love, amplify your current relationship, or just beam your love-light out into the universe!

-healing circle
-freeform moving meditation
--a DiY moon ceremony 

Each participant will receive:
-sacred cleansing
-heart-harmonizing reiki energy

$20 per person or $35 for pairs - at the door
Sign up online

This is a co-ed circle. Bring yourself, bring a lover, bring a cherished friend. Wear clothes that allow you to move freely between reality and Mystery...

Molly Burkett is an artwitch, tarot guide and energy healer. She is currently based in Brooklyn with a client base that spans NYC, LA and her home state of Indiana. Recent press includes Teen Vogue, New York Post, the Huffington Post, and Bedford + Bowery. She is known for her warm, comforting presence and down-to-earth attitude that bridges the gap between the skeptics and the mystics.

She advocates meditative practices to manage anxiety and stress, as well as intuitive, creative ritual to achieve personal goals and draw forth magic, synchronicity and psychic happenings. As a professionally trained modern dancer, mind/body awareness was instilled in her from a young age. She encourages embracing and adorning the physical and celebrating our present reality, in conscious balance with spiritual practice and conscious ascension. After all, it is here on earth that we find ourselves, and here that we are blessed to connect!