Saturday, May 17th -- Keys to Prosperity: Lakshmi Abundance Workshop



In this workshop, we will focus on realigning our hearts and minds with Lakshmi Devi, the Hindu goddess of Good Fortune. A treasure house of good qualities, Laksmi bestows luck, happiness, abundance, generosity, grace, beauty, creativity, manifestation and pure love.

We will explore Lakshmi rich symbolism as well as some universal principles of Prosperity. We will begin to identify and transform our limiting beliefs about money and abundance into powerful awareness and affirmations of faith, self-confidence and receptivity to the constant flow of Divine Grace. We will make prosperity wheels and treasure maps of our hearts desires, gifts and goals as well as of all the blessings we are receiving at present.

Tuning into Goddess Lakshmi’s  creative Shakti, we will use many transformation techniques to return to harmony with the Divine Flow of Abundance; Attracting and Sharing Lakshmi’s blessings of Good Fortune.

Ambujam Laksmi Keyes Certified Massage Therapist since 1992, primarily resides at an ashram in South India since 2005. Most of the year she is immersed in the deep studying and practicing spirituality while volunteering her services facilitating various workshops for a humanitarian organization. She travels and teaches worldwide. She comes to NYC a couple times a year to offer various trainings, bodywork and energy healing to fund her volunteer efforts.