La Vonne Natasha Caesar is a poet, healer, nomad, mystic medicine jaguar wom(b)an, tea-maker, tree-hugger, doula, lover of babies, and believer in the healing power of Light. She is a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha Yoga instructor, Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Yoga instructor, Thai Yoga bodywork practitioner, Reiki attuned healer, and holds a BA in French and MA in English. In both her healing work and creative expression, she incorporates her study and practice of Shamanism, Sanskrit mantra, sound healing, Yoga Vedantic Fire Rituals (Agni Hotra), Pranayama (breath work), Herbal remedies, Quantum Emotional Clearing (QEC) / Thought Field Therapy (TFT) / Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), whole brain methodology, Vipassana, as well as other meditation techniques. On May 26, 2010, she was hit by a car while walking to work, knocked into a coma, and diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury. She is Alive now and is grateful to be able to transmit to you the healing Energy she picked up along her journey. For more of her story, visit her online at:
TEA Session | Total Energy Alignment 
ThaiYoga Massage + Reiki + Yoni Steam + Aura Cleanse + Flower Bath + Tea 
A personalized healing session using breath sound and movement to heal and energize the female mind body and spirit.
Your Total Energy Alignment session will take place on a Thai yoga massage mat on the floor. Wearing comfortable yoga clothes I will gently move your body through a series of stretches while also massaging the sen lines/meridians using targeted acupressure stimulation to activate healing and release.
Each session is opened and closed with Mantra (Sanskrit prayers) and Reiki Healing. Your session will feel relaxing and most clients fall into a deep sleep. While I often receive an affirmation to share with you, It is always my prayer that you independently receive the vision / dream / clarity that you are looking for and awaken with a deeper sense of relaxation and confidence. 
After your session is complete, I wake you gently from your nap with a warm cup of MantraTea, a personalized tea blend created, brewed and blessed just for your body mind and spirit!

I honor and work with the energy of Reiki, Light, the element of Water, the Trees, the color yellow, flowers: sunflowers, roses, circles, spirals, the Goddess Oshun, The Jaguar, the violet flame, the Divine Feminine and the energy of Love. I dedicate my work both creative and spiritual to the healing of the womb space, our Earth Mother: La Pachamama, and your own matrilineal lineage tracing back to the Divine Mother and our Earth's own womb space: Our Mother Africa. Ashe! :) 

55 minute TEA session | $155

85 minute TEA session | $222

*TEA Sessions are also available as a HouseCall | Prices vary | Email Inquiries 

Book Online or call 718.757.2758 to schedule your appointment.

"La Vonne is a gifted and talented energy worker and yoga teacher.... All interactions are insightful, warm, and spiritually charged. There is no doubt that there is a powerful healing energy that resides in LaVonne’s auric field. Her sessions are deeply healing, her yoga classes are beautiful and restorative, and her meditations are simple and effective. I have a hard time articulating how amazing La Vonne is and how profoundly inspiring her spirit is. If you are drawn to La Vonne for a class or session, I HIGHLY recommend resisting doubt and just reach out. Schedule a session. You will not regret the healing of a Light House session or enjoying MANTRA TEA."- Aaron

"This woman has given me the best massages of my life. She is a natural healer and was blessed to have healing be her lesson in this lifetime. Those who are drawn to her and who are willing and able to accept her gifts will experience a new level of healing. Her amazing attention to detail in a healing setting creates an incredible feeling of being nurtured in the womb. She has many healing modalities to call upon and thus is able to customize a healing session quite extensively. Highly recommend for those truly seeking the types of healing this beautiful lady and SiStar of mine has to offer."- Gina

 "I love love love this woman. HER sessions are amazing. Her intuitive knowledge of what you need is phenomenal. I felt peaceful and calm after one Reiki and Thai massage session…simply put, she is a natural born healer."- Eshe Issa