Kesaine Walker

Kesaine Walker

Kesaine is a spirit-led astrologer and Reiki master/teacher who is passionate about personal healing. Based in New York City, she has trained under astrologers Annabel Gat, Senior Astrologer for VICE horoscopes and author of The Astrology of Love and Sex, and Samuel Reynolds, founder of Unlock Astrology and an International Academy of Astrology instructor. Kesaine completed her Reiki master/teacher certification with Lisa Levine, owner, and founder of the Maha Rose Center For Healing. Her own journey has inspired her to focus on helping clients to know, love, and master themselves.

Graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) 10 years ago, a career in fashion seemed to be the next logical step. But when Kesaine was introduced to astrology, and Reiki healing she began to question her path. Applied astrology became the key to illuminating her hidden limiting beliefs in order to clear her obstacles. Reiki brought healing of mind-body. Kesaine experienced profound results with these tools and sharing them with others in need of healing was a natural progression of events.

Cultivating a life based on spiritual principles and guiding clients one-on-one is what Kesaine enjoys most. She has contributed to articles published in Teen Vogue, InStyle Magazine, Oprah Magazine, and Refinery29, amongst others. Yet her true gift is the ability to channel a calm, replenishing energy that underpins all of her offerings. Working with Kesaine is an invitation to drink deeply from the well of self-love, and cultivate personal growth. If you have questions, are exhausted, grieving or you simply know that you are ready for a new direction, a private session with Kesaine will provide personal renewal and a fresh understanding of your lived experiences.



Knowing your Natal Chart helps you be more conscious of the objective of your life, your position in relationships and the lessons that your soul is supposed to realize. Don't step forward without all the truths! Learn more about how the planets have shaped you from the moment you took your first breath and gain some insight on the areas of your life that you need help with the most. This session also includes the use of oracle cards.

Natal chart reading 55 mins $125

ONLINE Natal Chart Reading 55mins $125 


ONLINE Distance Reiki Healing 55mins $125


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"Kesaine provided an astrological chart reading for me and I was blown away. I now have clarity on many issues and learned about my other signs-had no idea! This has confirmed so many unanswered questions about my behavior patterns. I am thankful that her knowledge has provided me with the guidance I needed!"

––Yolanda T.

'Kesaine is fantastic! I had the pleasure of receiving a one question astrology reading from her, and she was very precise in her explanation of the chart. I've now had two reiki sessions with Kesaine, and they have been wonderfully healing. I'm so happy I found such an amazing healer to work with! Kesaine is 
the real deal."

–– Belle G.

”My Reiki/Astrology session with Kesaine was fantastic. I was able to talk through a few questions about my natal chart, then had probably the most relaxing Reiki session I’ve ever had. I left feeling lighter, more focused, and more centered. I’d definitely recommend booking with Kesaine if you have the chance!”

–– Daisy T