Katie Down

Katie Down

Katie Down, (LCAT, MT-BC, MM) is a licensed creative arts therapist and sound practitioner with over 12 years of clinical experience. She has been offering sound bath meditations for 10 years in New York City and co-leads Sound School at Maha Rose. Katie is the Department Chair of Music Therapy at the Brooklyn Music School and heads the NY chapter of the Angel Band Project at NYU, where she is on faculty, providing free music therapy for survivors of sexual violence. Katie's private practice, Sound Well Center, provides somatic psychotherapies, creative arts therapies, Reiki, EMDR, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction techniques. www.soundwellcenter.com


Individual Sound and Distance Reiki Sessions with Katie provide the opportunity to balance our central nervous system by allowing the energy of the sound with Reiki to facilitate not only a relaxation response but the release of emotional blockages in order to move into our natural homeostatic state. Through energetic distance Reiki along with sound and voice work, Katie guides each person into finding their own individual state of balance through deep, somatic listening, gentle movements, subtle breathing techniques and creative visualization. Instruments used include therapeutic musical drone instruments such as monochords, crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, gong, tuning forks, and other resonant drone-based instruments as well as the voice to access connection and deep listening to the body-mind.

Length of time: 55 minutes | $225



Katie Down is doing important work in raising the level of training for sound healers. She is combining her knowledge of training and supervision as a music therapist with her teaching and practice as a sound healer. I heartily support her work and see her as an important 'bridge' integrating the knowledge base in these two areas of practice.
- Dr. Alan Turry, Managing Director, Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy

"I wanted to write to let you know how wonderful it was tonight. The sound was terrific. Katie masterfully utilized her room and instruments. The sound was amazingly personal. I felt it wash through my body to my shins. Wow. Thank you for being such a beautiful conduit of light and vibration."

"In the sea of healing practitioners we have to choose from today, Katie holds a unique and vital place as she possesses a rare combination of scientific, evidence-based knowledge, solid foundations in both music and psychotherapy, and an undeniable personal talent for integrating a sense of creativity and warmth into everything she does. I have had the true pleasure of attending Katie’s sound baths, been a student in her Sound School program at Maha Rose, and have brought her in as a special guest lecturer for a grand rounds presentation in the Department of Psychiatry at Jamaica Hospital. My experiences with her have added so much to not only my professional work as a creative arts psychotherapist but also to my personal artistic practices and overall sense of wellness. In all of the different settings I’ve worked with Katie, she consistently imparts knowledge, humor, increased inner strength, and a sense of both wonder and grounding. I highly recommend her offerings to anyone seeking a new perspective!"
- Karen Codd Fairchild, MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT, Licensed & Board Certified Creative Arts Psychotherapist

"After taking one of Katie Down's workshops, I found her to be a gifted and supportive teacher and decided to stay on with her for individual sound therapy supervision and mentorship. This immensely aided my professional development as a mental health clinician, listener and doctor as well as in my own practice of mindfulness and meditation. I regard Katie as instrumental in boosting my confidence to work in this arena with my own patients."
- Dr. Meredith Bergman, MD, Holistic Psychiatrist

"After taking Katie's Sound Bath I felt centered for the first time in two weeks. I have mostly felt completely unfocused, fatigued, and almost uncomfortable in my own skin, plagued by stress and anxiety. The Sound Bath has helped me to refocus, relax, re-center, and regain energy. Thank you, Katie!"


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