July 26th-28th -- Create Your Dream Life through the Wisdom of your Dreams

with Elly Molina

Maha Rose North
130 Morgan Hill road, Hurley, NY.

Learning the language of your subconsious mind provides deep insights to your own psyche, well being, and higher self. You'll learn how your dreams are the channel to the God-Source and Divine. You'll learn to recall and remember your dreams, interpret your dreams for important messages and guidance, and deeply appreciate the wisdom your subconscious reveals to you through your dreams. You'll learn how intentional dreaming for others impacts their life and yours in positive ways! You'll never look at dreaming the same way again.


Friday July 26th
Meet and greet
Introduction to dreaming
Types of dreams
Significance of dreaming
Historical impact from dream messages
Everyone dreams
Dream stages
Share profound dreams we remember
Intro to the Dream Helper Ceremony
Steps to recall and remember during the night
First Night of the Dream Helper Ceremony and preparations for our dreams (Meditations)
Progressive Dreaming

Saturday July 27th

During the Day 9am-12pm 
Morning meditation
Dream Circle
Remembering our dreams
Looking and observing commonalities and symbols
Intro to Learning to interpret dreams and symbolism

Lunch and free time 12pm-2pm

Afternoon 2pm- 5pm
Learning and practicing the process of dream analysis and interpretation
Learning the symbols and understanding
Analysing dreams using the Dream Helper Method
The Fish Tank Exercise

5pm-7pm Dinner

7pm-9pm The Dream Helper Ceremony
Instructions for the Dream Helper Ceremony
Partners for the ceremony
Go off to dream

Sunday July 28th

9am-12pm The Dream Helper Ceremony
Results and interpretations
Understanding the Messages
Sharing with one another
Workbook and Intentional Dreaming for the rest of your life
Private F/B Group Dream Helper’s

Exchange: $520.00

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

Elly Molina is a NYC based Amazon best selling author, founder of MindPower Consulting, and co-founder of a magic school in Washington State. She's a leading expert in developing psychic and intuitive abilities in children and adults and has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and in the New York Times. To learn more about Elly & get tips and tools for psychic development and mind power sign up for her newsletter @ www.ellymolina.com