July 26th -- Freedom from Inner Noise: Embodied Meditation and Breathwork

Rebel Heart Meditation Presents: 

Freedom from Inner Noise : Embodied Meditation & Breathwork 

July 26th 


with Ralph De La Rosa

“I’ve tried meditation, but my mind is so busy. It’s torture.”
“I want to go deeper with meditation, but I don’t want to join anything that feels like a religion.”

“I meditate every day, but my mind doesn’t seem to be getting any quieter. My practice isn’t exactly nourishing me in the ways I need it to.”
“I meditate every day. I love it. I’d love some tools for keeping things fresh.”
If any of the above statements ring true for you, this is your workshop.
The modern mindfulness has done an amazing job of making ancient practices accessible. Yet, too often meditation is approached as something that is done up in the head. We follow the breath in the nose, work with thoughts in the head, visualize/fantasize about this or that. Until we deeply connect with our bodies and breath, we will only get so far.
When we meditate in tune with our bodies, we activate the right hemisphere of the brain - the side of the brain that doesn’t use words, that doesn’t chatter away all day and night.
When we employ breathwork techniques with the proper knowledge and skill, we gain the opportunity of rewiring our nervous systems for calm and ease.
Join therapist and meditation instructor Ralph De La Rosa for two weeks focused on science-backed techniques for approaching practice as a whole person.
The sessions will be recorded and shared with participants so that you will have the guided practices we explore together forever.
Please wear comfortable clothing and bring pen and paper.

Exchange: $85 both sessions / $50 drop in 

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Ralph is a psychotherapist, meditation instructor, and the author of a forthcoming book about working with trauma in meditation (Shambhala Publications, 2018). He is a mentor to trainees in MNDFL's meditation teacher training program, and a regular contributor to Susan Piver's online community, The Daily Dharma Gathering His work has been featured in Elephant Journal, GQ, SELF, Women's Health, MindBodyGreen, Bustle, Wanderlust, Embodied Philosophy, TimeOut NY, AFAR, and New York Yoga + Life Magazine. 

Ralph is a summa cum laude graduate of Fordham University's Graduate School of Social Services. He specializes in helping people to safely access the depths of their emotional lives in order to work directly (and quickly) to resolve the source of their troubles. He is trained in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT), and his work incorporates psychoanalytic, somatic, and mindfulness-based approaches. 

In 2008, Ralph started Rebel Heart Meditation, a weekly class that blends meditation, psychology, and neuroscience to form discussion about the transformative potential of our messy modern lives. He is a certified yoga instructor, having also trained in Breathwork and Reiki.
Ralph began practicing meditation in 1996 and has taught meditation since 2008. He was a student of Amma's for16 years and has studied Buddhism since 2005. He is currently a student within both the Shambhala and Dharma Ocean lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. 
Ralph lives in Brooklyn with his two cats, Emma Goldman and Henry.