<January - April 2020>  Reiki Mentorship Program with Erika Spring

Reiki Mentorship Program with Erika Spring

with Reiki Master, Erika Spring

6:30pm - 9pm

Every Other Thursday beginning January 23rd

January 23rd

February 6th

February 20th

March 5th

March 19th

April 2nd

April 16th

Exchange: $555

payment plans available upon request, contact us at info@maharose.com for more info!




    This course is designed for new and intermediate practitioners to develop their skills and confidence on the path of the healer. Based in the teachings of reiki, this mentorship also includes tools and techniques from other healing traditions as well as drawing from personal experience in the treatment room.

    The mentorship teaches practical applications for being alive in this day and age. You will learn tools for working with clients as well as practices for healing other relationships in your life: the relationship with yourself, your work, your creativity, your family, partner, children and friends.

    The Universe is calling its Light Workers to deepen their commitment to Light and Healing in the world at this time. Super charge your practice and your life in this course with Maha Rose Reiki Trainer ad Master, Erika Spring .

    This Course will cover the following topics:

    1. Intention
    2. Spiritual practice and self-cultivation of the practitioner
    3. Living the Reiki Principles
    4. The power of touch
    5. The Energy of the Mother/ Unconditional Love
    6. Skills, gifts, and challenges - what are yours?
    7. Finding your niche
    8. Tools
    9. Protection techniques
    10. The meridians
    11. The Chakras
    12. Byosen - locating energy blocks
    13. Long distance healing
    14. Reiki 1 & 2 review
    15. Working with groups
    16. Self-care and daily rituals
    17. Laughter
    18. Listening
    19. Balancing it all in this wild day and age

    *open to anyone with Reiki 1 Certification* 


    Erika is a Reiki master, practitioner and teacher, grateful to be working with Reiki for over 6 years. The foundation of her practice is using gentle hands-on touch to help her clients deeply rest and feel in harmony with the subtle energies around and within them.

    She holds space with kindness and love for her clients so they can access their own inner wisdom and navigate whatever comes their way with ease and grace. 
She has experience working with clients on physical ailments, stress & anxiety, life transitions, heartache, general overwhelm, creative problem solving and processing past trauma.

    Erika also works with women on reproductive health, fertility, and through all stages of pregnancy. She recently became a mother herself and is excited to bring her greater understanding of birth and motherhood into the Reiki treatment room.

    Erika has studied with Deborah Hanekamp, Lisa Levine and Jean Bromage and incorporates wisdom from the 3 lineages into her practice.