Sunday, July 13th-- Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

Discovering the Hidden Powers of the Self

with Kristen Boyer, Shamanic Practitioner


Discover how to navigate the magical world of shamanism in this beginner’s level experiential journey class. Learn about the history and power of ancient shamanic healing practices and experience divine spiritual connection with your helping spirits in four guided drumming meditations. Connect with your personal power animal, receive spiritual counseling from your guides, and learn how to give and receive powerful shamanic healings.
Please bring a notebook, pen, an eye covering or scarf, and any sacred objects that you’d like to charge up on the altar.

Kristen Boyer is the author of Playing Karma: a former church girl's true journey from bondage to enlightenment, shamanic practitioner, and holistic health counselor in New York City. Kristen combines her training is psychotherapy, art therapy, nutrition, and shamanism to empower her clients to become liberated and whole through shamanic healing. Her former work as a professional dominatrix helps clients to integrate their shadow selves and empower them to embrace wholeness and self acceptance through deep self exploration while liberating them from unhealthy intergenerational wounds.