Sunday, July 27th – Introduction to Past Life Regression


These introductory workshops are a great opportunity for those interested in past life regression who would like to have an affordable experience in a comfortable setting with good company. Whether it is the mind, the heart, spirituality or healing that interests you, there are opportunities to explore all of them with this exciting, mysterious and widely misunderstood tool. The workshop begins with a brief discussion and introduction to past life regression. All initial questions are addressed up front before we begin. Most preconceived notions about past life regression are incorrect and based on marketing as opposed to experience. Like dancing, meditation or even a roller coaster, past life regression is an experience. When approached with intelligence, curiosity and a sense of adventure, we get the best results. In these workshops we embrace all views and share the experience from the widest frame possible. In my work with clients and groups I'm often reminded that in order to reach new understanding, sometimes we must discard old ideas. Past life regression offers us that chance to see ourselves new, to heal, to learn, to connect and to grow.


Daniel Ryan has been working with hypnosis, regression therapy and spiritual healing for over 15 years. At countless trainings, lectures and seminars all over the world he has gained a tremendous amount of practical experience. In his travels, he has observed the application of hypnosis and regression in different cultures with different age groups and trained with the most highly regarded professionals in the field. He maintains private practice in Brooklyn, NY and sees clients at Maha Rose and The Center for Integrative Healing in Manhattan.