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Remote Sessions

Hypnosis, in its broadest definitions, is common and conversational. It’s embedded in your life. It’s in the way you relax and pay attention. It’s in the way you open yourself to new ideas and learn. Each of us is using the core concepts of hypnosis to some degree everyday without knowing it. It can be used to create small changes in behavior and the way you think, or to create substantial change and transformation. It is both the art and science of how we change. It’s different in the mind of every person because every person’s mind is different than the next.  “The mind is a wonderful tool and a terrible master” says the poet, Rumi. This captures the essence of hypnosis. Are you ready to make a change? Excellent, lets make it easy.

The mind is able to create positive change and explore different consciousnesses.

Forget all misconceptions. Hypnosis is best understood as a tool for your use. That tool is good for everything from habit cessation to behavior modification to stress relief to pain management to treating PTSD and IBS to performance enhancement, overcoming fears and sometimes even inexplicable healing. How can hypnotherapy help you?

All Sessions are available Remotely, from the comfort of your home. Please select session the with title "Online" to book an online session. 

Please review our cancellation policy before booking.