Guest Practitioner: Sarah Chappell -- April 3rd

Guest Practitioner: Sarah Chappell -- April 3rd

visiting from Asheville, North Carolina

April 3rd | 1pm-6pm

Sarah M. Chappell is an intuitive counselor and herbalist helping folks to unravel their fears, shift their stories, and heal themselves. Her transformative integration of tarot and energetic remedies harnesses the clarity of the cards to pinpoint root causes of negative patterns and mental health challenges. She has a strong belief in the power of healing work but is not afraid to make fun of herself for looking a little crazy while clutching black tourmaline and whispering affirmations at the grocery store.

If you are deeply committed to change but can also laugh at yourself while talking to inanimate objects, she would be honored to facilitate your healing journey.


Intuitive Tarot Session : 

In an Intuitive Tarot Session, you will be invited to thoroughly examine your path and be offered divine medicine to assist in unraveling the threads of your story. We will use the tarot to shift your fears out of the driver's seat, so you can step fully into the present moment and begin to heal yourself. The session will be specific to your needs and goals, and may address your physical, emotional, and spiritual states with suggestions for further action, herbal and energetic remedies, and more. You will be asked to be honest and willing to see the truth of your situation so that we can weave the past and present together to create a future you love. We will laugh, probably curse, and speak frankly about the choices that frame your journey. After our session, you will be calm, secure, and ready to move forward with the full support of the universe.

Intuitive Tarot Session | 25mins | $60 -- BOOK A SESSION

Intuitive Tarot Session | 55 mins | $120 -- BOOK A SESSION

*you can also call us to reserve a session at 718-757-2758.

Please ensure to read the Cancellation Policy prior to booking. 



"Being seen by Sarah for exactly what was going on with me (she really nailed down facet after facet of my situation) was a miraculous healing in and of itself. If you're in need of compassionate clarity to help you understand "what's going on" and how to work through it so you can live from a perspective of self-love, Sarah is an expert." - EJ

"Working with Sarah over the long term has helped me through blocks, depressions, fears and failures as well as helped open up my heart to joy and the privilege of caring for myself with love and kindness." - LR

"Sarah has done three tarot readings for me - all acutely insightful, accurate, and wise. She is the real deal, a gifted reader, sensitive and empath - intelligent, articulate, perceptive. My sessions with her were invaluable in navigating some tricky life decisions, and I am profoundly grateful for the help she has given me. " --DD

“I was embraced by Sarah with warmth and compassion. I was able to let my guard down and she gave me the clarity I was looking for. So thankful to have met Sarah and do a reading with her. I will most certainly be back to learn from her more about the wisdom of the tarot." - EC