Guest Practitioner: Natalie Pierson

July 1st -Aug 3rd

Instagram: @Natalie.pierson

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Natalie Pierson is an integrative Healer, Bodyworker + Energy Enhancer, and Tao Tantric Healing Arts Facilitator.
With an undergrad in Exercise Science and 9 years of experience, she has traveled the globe gathering sacred knowledge and healing practices that she offers to share with you and to humanity. 
She believes that when we listen to our bodies messages, we are are able to access higher states of health, alignment and happiness. 
Natalie offers one on one sessions, classes, educational & experiential workshops and empowerment retreats. She is certified in: Thai Yoga massage, Reiki master , 350hr+ Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Tao Tantric Healing Arts, ThetaHealing, General Polarity therapy, and has trained in Zero Balancing, Shamanic Healing arts and has been initiated with Prem Baba in 2014 to Awaken Love.



Bodywork + Energy Healing with Natalie Pierson (55/85mins )

‘Harmonize your energy to access your body’s wisdom.’ 

Combining technique, intuition and her welcoming heart, Natalie's sessions support you to release physical tension & tightness, and shift stuck energy, to create balance from the inside out.

Whether you’re looking to relax out of the overthinking mind, and receive healing touch, if you need space to process life's emotional challenges, or need some deep compression and stretching to open the body, Natalie holds a loving container to meet you where you’re at.

Take advantage of this special opportunity and her healing hands, by booking your session today.

55min // $165

85min // $222

B O O K . A . S E S S I O N  

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"After every session with her I feel renewed, relaxed and restored." -Saron

"I would recommend Natalie to anyone who needs a rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul." -Alida

"Natalie lifts your spirit and brings physical health back in balance." -Nancy

"I felt safe and being genuinely taken care of. I left the building feeling energized with light. THANK YOU!" -Na'ama B.

"She brings deep anatomical, nutritional, and movement expertise, but offers so much more - a deep spiritual touch." -Kyle