Josa will be a Guest Practitioner here at Maha Rose at the following Dates/Times, offering Access Bars sessions: 

Mon 2/4: 4pm-8pm

Wed 2/6: 11am-4pm

Thur 2/7: 3pm-8pm

Fri 2/15: 2pm-6pm 

Tue 2/19: 11am-6pm

Wed 2/20: 2pm-7pm

Thur 2/21: 11am-3pm

Fri 2/22: 2pm-6pm

Sat 2/23: 1pm-4pm

Originally from Iceland, Jósa has been living in New York for the last five years. Based in Brooklyn, she serves her clients with Access Bars® sessions, Akashic Records readings, Yoga and other healing body-processes. She has been facilitating Access Bars® for over 3 years now and using the tools of Access Consciousness® since 2012 where she had a profound shift in her awareness, after receiving her first Access Bars session.

Jósa’s journey has been interesting through it’s many forms of challenges, from an extremely unstable childhood with many traumas, through a cancer experience and the losses it caused - as being the highly sensitive person (HSP) she is... She has chosen to use all her experiences for deepening her healing capacities. Through her active connection to the light, she has a special acknowledgment for each and everyone’s journey, where she is able to bring out the lightness in each and one of her clients with greater ease.

Everyday miracles, magic and the joy of living are her focus points today - as well as having tons of fun through artistic creations and playing with her four-legged wonder, Dottie Moon the dog. Jósa will be offering Access Bars® sessions in Maha Rose, in association with her one day AB Certification Class coming up on January 6th!

Access Bars: 

Access Bars is a touch point therapy directed at 32 points on the head that has the ability to help you quiet the mind and bring you back into balance // your natural state of being.

As Access Bars® is a system based on energy, it helps the body to release tension and to let go of stagnated mind patterns. A sense of a 'well-being', similar to massage or meditation, with many amazing and often very surprising life-changing benefits.

Access Bars® session can help you with:

• Releasing stress, anxiety, depression, aches, and pains in the body

• Creating more ease and awareness in your life // relationships

• Allowing your life to unfold through your unlimited creativity

• Extended peace, joy, mental clarity, and comfort – better sleep!

• Raising your consciousness by tapping into your true knowing

• Extremely good for trauma releasing!


Book online or call us to book your session

55 minute Access Bars session $150



“ ...Someone told me to try Access Bars. I went to that first session having zero expectations - but a slight hope. I left Jósa after my first session feeling good and anxiety free. It felt really, really good. I am still anxiety free since that day!!!
- 6 weeks later after getting sessions and now taking the Bars class. It feels great to be me again! I enjoy my life and I want to be here!!! It’s not painful anymore… It has really changed my life and I know this is just the beginning!!! People need to know about this because it really helps!!! And it’s great to feel good!!!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Jósa! “
- Laura Jorges, October 2018

I have received many Access Bars sessions from Jósa.
In my forty decades of alternate healing and bodywork I can honestly say that Jósa has “the magic touch. I began to see Jósa for migraines.
Since I first saw her, my migraines have decreased immensely… I've tried many things before to alleviate my migraines; acupuncture, Reiki, massage, supplements and nothing has worked as well as Access Bars!
Thank you Jósa! “ - Deborah, Long Island

"Through her healing touch and soothing voice Jósa is a very knowledgeable and intuitive healer. I felt rejuvenated and empowered after Access Bars® with Jósa. I highly recommend a session with her."
- Tori Quisling, Sea Cliff, NY

"I was eight months pregnant when Jósa gave me Access Bars treatment.
I had been feeling nervous for the birth, but after the Bars I felt much more relived! My worries had disappeared and I could see my upcoming birth in a very positive way, and that's also how I indeed experienced the actual birth"
- Thury New York