Guest Practitioner: Betsy LeFae -- April 16th - 19th

Guest Practitioner: Betsy LeFae -- April 16th - 19th

Visiting from California, April 16th - 19th

Top 10 New York City Psychic Betsy LeFae is an intuitive coach, psychic, and empath educator. She helps seekers and the spiritually curious recognize their own self-worth and inner power. Through Breathwork, healing, coaching, readings and her signature course, Trust Yourself, she empowers her clients and students to listen to their own intuition. Her clients gain the ability to envision their future, take leaps towards their best life, and live free of others' expectations.


Psychic Reading:
A 55-minute session with Betsy is indeed a full energy makeover. Come in with questions and walk away with a whole new perspective on life. After one session clients repeatedly report feeling lighter and like a "huge weight has been lifted."
During a Psychic Reading, Betsy will not only answer your questions, but she offers so much more. Rather than just straight up predictions (if that is what you are after, better find someone else) she instead sees straight to the source of what is keeping your goals and desires at bay, and then channels the solution for you. For over ten years, Betsy has been honoring her client's free will by offering "If/Then" statements. She believes if you change your today, your tomorrow will also shift.
If you are at a crossroads or feel you have been "doing it all" but not seeing results, perhaps it's time to have Betsy show you what you've been missing.


Breathwork Sessions:

Studies have found that breathwork can help reduce symptoms associated with anxiety, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and attention deficit disorder. Betsy LeFae finds it to be the BEST practice to clear you from ANY blocks as well as immediately dial you into your center, your soul, your inner guidance. Private breathwork sessions draw on all of Betsy's psychic and healing gifts and give you clarity and connection.
The session begins with you, the client, stating your intent. Betsy uses her psychic gifts to ensure that your purpose is in alignment with Source. If it is not, Betsy works with you to create an intent that is in alignment. Next, if you are unfamiliar with this pranayama style of Breathwork, she will teach you. While you breathe for 20-30 minutes, Betsy holds space for you and uses all of her gifts to be present to you and your journey. Oils, herbs, music, light touch, and non-sexual cuddling/holding are a regular part of her healing practice. 
If you are ready to break through and receive psychic guidance first hand from within Betsy is here to hold space and support you on your way through this incredible Breathwork Practice. 


55 minute Psychic Reading $444

55 minute Breathwork Session $444

B O O K  A  S E S S I O N 



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