Gabrielle Gray

Gabrielle Gray

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Her books will open soon for Akashic Records readings via phone or Zoom.

Instagram: @gabriellegray_


Gabrielle is a healer and artist living in Brooklyn, and is the Studio Manager at Maha Rose.

Her healing journey started years ago in an unfulfilling corporate journalism job, and with chronic skin and joint issues that she was struggling to find ways to cure. She dove into yoga and meditation as ways to manage the stress of these situations, and the path of her life organically started to shift.

Gabby has since studied Reiki, the Akashic Records, Vedic meditation, breathwork, and more. Her teachers include many beloved healers who teach at Maha Rose, such as Lisa Levine, LaVonne Natasha Caesar, Erin Telford and Christina Cross (and every practitioner and client who has crossed Maha Rose’s threshold). She received Reiki 1 and 2 attunements from Denise Muñoz and her Vinyasa yoga RYT-200 from Estrella Muñoz (Sakti Prema). She is certified as a holistic health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She hosted Maha Rose’s Community Reiki offering every Friday for a year, and continues to coordinate it.

Gabby believes that whether working on emotional, spiritual or physical wellness, small steps can have have a huge impact over time. She happily guides clients on each step, in order to bring about peace and lasting change. She specializes in working with clients who are going through career and/or relationship changes, clients managing gut/autoimmune-related dis-ease, and young women.

Gabby loves making music and fiber arts, and often uses the Akashic Records and Reiki when creating.




My first session was a powerful experience of physical regeneration that stayed with me for days. The second session was more subtle. Both facilitated forward movement in my professional endeavors. Gabby strongly attunes and finds areas to release and heal that are not obvious, but that engender strong shifts in energy. I recommend her work.

-Vita, Reiki client

My Reiki treatment with Gabrielle was what I think of as the essence of Reiki - so gentle yet so powerful. The entire treatment felt like a loving, supportive hand comforting and clearing my physical and spiritual bodies. Before my treatment, I was having unusually intense lower back pain and dealing with some anxiety. Gabby's treatment eased the pain and helped my emotions to surface and pass. Her giving presence both confirmed what I already knew and brought new perspectives and guidance to light. I would definitely return to Gabby the next time I am seeking a Reiki treatment.

-Avva, Reiki client

Before my reading with Gabrielle, I didn't know much about the Akashic records. My reading was helpful in understanding the practice, and I felt that many things from the background chatter were answered and cleared up in a way that helped me trust my intuition more. Gabrielle finished our session with a relaxing Reiki experience that made me feel calm and peaceful in a way I wasn't feeling before. I don't realize I'm not calm until I have a clearing like that! It was a great experience overall.

- Erin, Akashic Healing client

The most amazing part of my Akashic reading was Gabby herself. As a healer, I am very cautious about letting others into my energy, but right away I felt not only safe with Gabby, but also so nurtured by her angelic like spirit. She is truly a light worker and you feel that immediately and immensely when working with her. 
My Akashic reading was soul affirming.  Change can be hard and as I approach a new season of my life, what Gabby was able to pull from the records made me feel confident about what’s next. It was beautiful—and fun (!) to see her pull from the records, translate and interpret messages in a way I could not only understand but that felt to true to my core. I loved every minute of our time together and can not wait to utilize this gift from the universe as I navigate this crazy thing called life.
- Maryam, Akashic Healing client