Tuesday, September 9th -- Addiction & Astrology

Tuesday, September 9th -- Addiction & Astrology

with Becca Wolfson

7-9pm | $25

We will honor the energy of the Full Moon by exploring the connection between addiction and spiritually through Astrology. Drugs and alcohol connect us to the spirit by losing our connection to the ground, while the spiritual transcends the ground and travels to the stars. What is the alchemy of astrology and addiction? Through the framework of astrology, we will explore the meaning and purpose behind our addictions and compulsive behaviors. Astrology provides us a cosmic framework for understanding painful and self-sabotaging behaviors in new ways. We will explore the deeper longing masked behind the darkness of addiction, or the numbness of compulsion. By exploring the positive impulses hidden within seeming destructive or self-sabotaging, we uncover the deeper treasures and develop skills that can support new ways of being in the world. Astrology can offer wisdom and insight into the how/where/when of addictive tendencies, and shift our perspective from shame or despair to insight and understanding. We will be considering not just the more traditional forms of addiction such as drugs and alcohol but also the larger idea of compulsive behaviors or ways we seek to escape, such as television, eating, talking, online rabbit holes. We will explore the ways we get lost, and re-imagine what we are truly trying to find, usually connection to spirit, longing for comfort and so on…
Join us as we begin the journey into our own darkness with the light of the stars.

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Becca Wolfson is a licensed social worker in private practice in Brooklyn and Staten Island. She combines her clinical training as a psychotherapist with her passion for astrology to offer clients a positive and nurturing vision of their lives and personal struggles as part of a much larger cosmic story. Combining sensitivity, gentle humor and empathic listening skills with her broad knowledge of the human condition, Becca is a devoted therapist and healer. Her unique and non-judgmental style of psychotherapy has helped many people make profound shifts in their lives.