Friday, September 28th -- BIG LOVE Breathwork with Lisa

with Maha Rose founder, Lisa Levine 


Through the path of Love and Devotion we unite with our divine selves. Love is the healer. Love everything, or love whatever you can. Try to Love. Start with yourself. Let it radiate out from there. I am not the healer, Love is the healer. Let love flow through you, a little more every day. Love is the party. Love is the bliss. Let's move through and release anything that isn't love. This is the healing work. Releasing, forgiving, releasing. Until there is nothing left but pure love and bliss.

Special Guest Breathwork DJ, Erika Vala

We will use transformational breath work to get out of our minds and in touch with the other layers of our being. The ego softens and the spirit soars. 

Exchange | $45

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Lisa Levine MS LAc is a licensed acupuncturist, Reiki master, a natural healer and an artist as well as the founder of Maha Rose. The tools she uses are needles and moxa, touch, shiatsu, Reiki, guided visualization, the breath, laughter, and on very full moons- a song. She wants you to remember who you really are; letting go of everything that isn't serving you and connecting with your more radiant Self.