Friday, Oct 19th - Sunday, Oct 21st -- How To Be an Embodied Goddess & Share Your Fire with the World

at Maha Rose North , in Hurley, New York 

with Alexandra Roxo 

Join us upstate at Maha Rose North for a deep dive into wooing and channeling the Divine Feminine out of you and into your voice + story, into your personal image and photos of you, and into your business for a delicious and WHOLE life of balance. In today's modern world we have been mostly conditioned by capitalism and patriarchy to embody more "masculine" traits and not claim our full LIGHT and FIRE and radiance. Today's world is in need of a balancing of solar and lunar energies, masculine and feminine ones, embodying wildness and freedom, and the Goddess / Feminine / Yin vibes that are wanting to be birthed through your body and your eyes and your words! Learn how to open to that magic this weekend!

A combination of ritual work, storytelling, moon practice, embodiment work and self photography.

There will be dancing. There will be curse words. There will be loud music. There will be screaming. There will be crying. There will be laughing. There may be nudity. There may be explosive divine expression and transformation of YOU.

A retreat for women / wommin / femme or female identified beings or masculine leaning beings who wish to channel the Divine Feminine. Please apply and we can talk!

Itinerary : 
Opening Ceremony followed by Goddess and Moon history lesson

Divine Feminine embodiment workshop + morning practice
Storytelling and writing workshop
Photo Taking workshop
Dance / Movement ceremony

Morning Waterfall Ceremony + Photos
Closing ceremony + Storytelling circle

Note: There will be one on one coaching work done with Alexandra in front of the group to zone in on something specific  for each participant. 

Exchange: $750


Alexandra Roxo is a writer and soon to be author with Sounds True, the co-founder of Moon Club, a filmmaker/artist, and transformational teacher. She has been devoted to the practice of moon ritual and being a part of the re-balancing of masculine and feminine energies on Planet Earth for many years through art, writing, and transformational work. She has mentored, coached, and lead 100's of hours of rituals, coaching work, and empowerment for women. Her film, video, photo, and TV work have been viewed by millions online, screened in international film festivals, and featured in press from Variety Magazine to NY Magazine to the London Times. Her Instagram posts and photos are where she currently finds artistic expression but stay tuned for more soon. "Stay to get in touch with the Divine Feminine within." - The New York Times