Friday, November 3rd -- Itayu Moon: Ground & Manifest, A Sound Experience


with Carolyn Centeno 

Carolyn Centeno, Certified Sound Practitioner and Meditation Teacher, will lead us in a sound meditation experience to ground into the divine feminine and manifest prosperity, purpose, and abundance. She created Itayu to use meditation to align to nature. By listening to our own inner nature as well as stepping outside of the urban environment into nature - we can increase our feelings of calm and happiness.

When we meditate, we are able to tap into our inherent creativity, to ultimately design the life we want. Itayu Moon is a sound meditation to harness the power of the full moon to release what no longer serves us and set new intentions for the upcoming months.

Using the voice, guided visualization, and sound, Carolyn weaves together experiences that are both ancient and modern to bring our mind body and spirit into alignment. The class will end in a Sound Bath to integrate.

Join us for this immersion into your self. The time is now to release all of the spiritual gunk and start anew. You're ready. :)

Exchange: $40 

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Carolyn Centeno is a Certified Sound Practitioner and Meditation teacher who created Itayu to offer unique meditation experiences to increase creativity, well-being and connection. ​ Meditating since she was a young child, she grew up exposed to many techniques and healing modalities from around the world. Singing has been a natural meditation for her throughout her life and the combination of sound and guided visualization has lead her to use the power of sound to connect people in mind body and spirit. ​


Carolyn created Itayu to bring meditation to lift people to their highest creative potential. Using ancient wisdom from Toltec, Native American, Peruvian and other earth-based traditions, she merges sound, guided visualization and other practices into her experiences. She co-creates each experience bespoke to the group, intention or time of year.