Friday, May 26th -- Smudging with Sacred Herbs

with Adrienne Fisher 


The Sacred Smudging Ritual & ceremonial practice has been used by different Native cultures around the world for decades. Smudging purifies the body, energy, and space of negative energies to awaken the soul & bring fresh spirit as well as send your prayers + dreams to the cosmos. There are a few sacred herbs in particular that Mother Earth provided us to smudge with.

In this class we will gather together in ceremony and begin with a group smudge cleanse and short meditation to release and bring our focus present. We will learn the healing + cleansing properties, stories, and wisdoms of each sacred herb- White Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar, Mugwort, as well as tree offerings like Copal and Palo Santo to name a few. We will set our intentions, create smudge bundles, and learn how to practice the traditional ritual of smudging.

Please bring: 
A journal + pen
A small healing crystal of your own if you wish to add to your bundle.

Exchange: $35 pre-register | $40 day-of 

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Mother Earth is her home. Wherever she goes, she feels a sense of connection through the healingessence that Mother Earth provides. Adrienne was raised by the rivers, the trees, the oceans, theflowers, the Sun, and the cosmos. She knows that they are the ultimate healers. Her love grewstrong while traveling and learning about different cultures ways of healing through plantmedicine. She started bundling smudge offerings to spread the knowledge and love for aself-healing ritual that Mother Earth provides us with. Now, she wishes to share all she has learnedwith you.
instagram : @meraki_nomad