Friday, May 26th-- Bliss & Magic & Laughter Yoga

Friday Mornings beginning May 5th


With Lisa Levine and/or Marisa Sullivan


Now, more than ever, we need tools to keep our joy on and our will centered in happiness and positive solutions. In this interactive workshop we will explore deeper levels of our joy and bliss through the practice of laughter and meditation. Most people would say they want to be happy but what are we actually doing to get there? Through laughter yoga, exercises and guided visualization we will uncover and connect with the bliss that is our true nature.

You will learn tools to ease fear and anxiety, increase creativity, alertness and memory, uplift the mood and increases strength and resilience in challenging situations.

Magic and play re-emerge in our lives.

Come with an open heart and mind. And be ready to get happy.

About Laughter Yoga:  When we laugh the body releases endorphins; elevating our mood, relaxing our bodies and strengthening our minds.  When we are stressed our body releases adrenaline and cortisol; stress chemicals that cause imbalance and disease in the body. The good news, and the magic behind laughter yoga is that our brains don't know the difference between fake laughter and real laughter. Ha ha ha. When we practice laughter yoga we use fun exercises and games to stimulate fake laughter that usually turns into real laughter. But whether it does or not is not important. Through the practice of "faking" or truly laughing we enjoy the physical benefits of increased blood circulation, oxygenation and immune enhancement. Laughter relieves stress, eases fear and anxiety, increases creativity, alertness and memory, uplifts the mood and increases strength and resilience in challenging situations.

"We don't laugh because we're happy, we're happy because we laugh." - William James

What Laughter Yoga can do for you, your relationships, your company, group or organization:

Laughter strengthens relationships, enhances teamwork, helps to diffuse conflict and promotes group bonding. When we laugh with people bonds of happiness are formed creating a sense of peace and well being. Laughter reinforces healthy ways of working through conflict; promoting communication and solution oriented problem solving. Creativity and the imagination are opened and otherwise unseen solutions become apparent. Laughter is the win-win paradigm.

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About Lisa Levine MS LAc
Lisa Levine is an artist, an acupuncturist and a healer. Her background in art combined with her current practice of Chinese medicine create an earthy, compassionate and playful approach to healing. She works with acupuncture, shiatsu, reiki, breathwork, bodywork, guided visualization and laughter to help people integrate with their more joyful selves. Individual session help people to relax deeply, connecting with their natural state of peace, a place where healing occurs naturally and effortlessly. Group laughter classes help people to connect with their joy, their creativity and their sense of spontaneity. Imagination, creativity and full presence in joy bring people to a place of profound healing.  Lisa has led laughter yoga sessions at The New School for Social Research, Apex Art, The Rubin Museum, The New Museum and William Patterson College in New Jersey and in Denise Cermanski's Tipi Project.

Read more about laughter yoga in this fantastic article written by Kelsey Miller for Refinery29 featuring Lisa Levine here..

Marisa Sullivan is a certified yoga teacher with extensive training including certification from SivanandaJivamukti, Pelvic Floor Training through Leslie Howard, Prenatal through Ma Yoga, Mommy and Me Post Natal, and YCAT Yoga for Cancer and Chronic Illness.  She teaches Yoga for Cancer Patients and Survivors at NYU Hospital. She teaches Chair Yoga in several senior centers and Dementia Nursing Homes.  She has an extensive private practice working with therapists and Psychiatrists with clients with anxiety, depression and eating disorders, with clients with ongoing illness and injury who need a modified yoga practice, and with anyone who loves yoga and wants to explore a exploratory, personalized, therapeutic yoga practice.  She teaches Laughter Yoga, Wholistic Embodied Ecstatic Sexuality and Charkras and Vocal Production workshops and has presented them at Laughing Lotus, Go Yoga, Maha Rose, KamaDevi Yoga and Jivamukti Yoga Center.  Marisa is an intuitive healer using Reiki and Shamanic Practices.  She is a Reiki Master and teaches and mentors other healers.  With an extensive performance background in dance and theater as well as a Masters in Theater for Educational and Therapeutic Use, Marisa uses theatrical techniques that embody play and creativity in her teaching and healing. She is constantly exploring and learning through her teachers, her peers, her students and her life.