Friday, March 24th-- Cosmic Reboot Breathwork


with Luke Simon

Are you ready to reboot your energy systems?

When we forget our connection to our heart and feel spent, tired, exhausted, done, or stuck, it's a good signal that it's time for a Cosmic Reboot!

Our mind and senses are constantly over-saturated and need a chance to go deeply within and re-connect. Developing a spiritual practice where you connect deeply, listen and digest is priceless. Breathwork is a potent tool to release old energy structures in the body and mind and expand into your original wholeness. Come learn it and practice it in a group setting with a shared intention to heal, release, surrender and open up to the beauty NOW.

We will open with a short grounding meditation and participants will lay down and use the breath as the focus of an active meditation. This is a great way to quiet the mind because you have something to focus on, the breath pattern.

The increased oxygen and surrender of the body into the Earth allows the mind to release and the heart to open. Your Inner Love and Spirit will be free to move through your body, to the places that need it the most.

Luke will guide and support your inner journey with aromatherapy essential oil blends, intuitive touch, a groovy soundtrack and positive affirmations.

Come ready to Breath until your surprised.

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Luke Simon is a founding member of Maha Rose and is passionate about sharing healing work to open the heart, reclaim wholeness and enjoy every moment. He offers private sessions, leads group retreats and has created a pop-up spiritual night club called The Softer Image. He shares the tools of healing he’s found helpful to assist others on their personal journey.