Friday, July 21st -- Breathwork with Debbie : Living in Love


with Debbie Attias

Are you living in love? 

Deep inside of you, beyond your thoughts and your emotions, there is a part of you that is vibrating in cosmic bliss. This part of you is always in love because it IS love. We can't always feel it because we are distracted by the constant chatter of the mind, the world, our preferences, and then some. Join me for a powerful journey to reconnect with the truth of who you are. 

Each breathwork experience is different and can be visceral, emotional, psychedelic, and/or extremely pleasurable, among other things. We go into it without expectations, welcoming whatever shows up for us. We use a specific breathing pattern to reach other states of consciousness, where we can release old energies, and eventually arrive into a deep meditation. This is where we find our cosmic bliss. As a Sound Healer and DJ, I create a playlist specifically curated for the journey that may include familiar and unfamiliar tunes. I will be coming around giving hands on energy and guidance along the way. 

Exchange: $40 

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Debbie Attias is an intuitive healing artist that lives by the mantra Fun Heals Everything. Debbie received her BFA from Tisch School of the Arts, and for many years traveled the world as a performance artist with her band, Avenue D. Currently, she teaches happiness through her unique DANCORCISM class at the Park Church Co-op in Brooklyn. She also throws retreats offering meditation, yoga, dancing, and spiritual guidance. She has studied Reiki, Breathwork, Akashic records & Tarot. Debbie has recently completed a 9-month Sound and Music Healing program at the Open Center.