<Friday, January 24, 2020> Breathwork for Releasing Toxic Relationships

Breathwork for Releasing Toxic Relationships

with Regina 
Friday, January 24th

Exchange: $40


Time to block, delete and erase. It is said that those we attract are a reflection of us. Those who come into our lives teach us something about ourselves that needs to be either healed or celebrated. Each person we encounter is here to help us in our growth as spiritual beings having a human experience on Earth.

Join Breathwork healer Regina for Breathwork centered around releasing karmic relationships that are no longer serving you. This Breathwork (an active, sustained, dynamic and vigorous pranayam) is about recognizing what a toxic relationship has shown you about yourself that needs to be healed and then letting it go from the physical body and psyche. This space is provided for you to heal, release and grow from past or current toxic relationships whether they be romantic, friendship, family or career related.

Bring a journal/paper and writing utensil. Wear comfortable clothing

Regina grew up in a small town in Texas and moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2004. She spent most of her life dancing–pursuing both a BFA (2004) and MFA (2006) in dance before switching careers towards a devoted spiritual practice. In 2014 she received a certification in Ayurveda from the Kripalu School of Ayurveda followed by receiving her 200-hour yoga teacher training from Kripalu. She completed Breathwork Healer training with master teacher David Elliot in 2017 and received her 500-hour yoga teacher certification in 2018.