<Friday, January 10, 2020> Breathwork Manifest

Breathwork Manifest

with Luke Simon
Friday, January 10th


Do you influence your life with your thoughts and feelings? Manifestation is the magic of building energy within that mirrors in the outside world.

We will start with a grounding meditation and group check in. What do you need? What do you want? Luke will push you to connect to the soul desire, and not try to manifest for your ego. Soul level manifestation is about qualities we wish to develop: security, joy, trust, flow and even more love! When we open, release the past and call in those feelings inside, magic happens outside...

Luke will teach the breath pattern and you will lay down to do the active breath meditation. The increased oxygen changes your brain chemistry, naturally. As you let go, you open up to cathartic emotional release and intuitive understanding. This practice can be strong, but the grounded, sacred space we create in the beginning will hold you to do some deep healing.

Luke will guide you with positive affirmations, and anoint your chakras with essential oils and healing touch during you inner journey. We end with a period of deep relaxation, filling up your cup with healing energy. You will leave lifted up and magnetized towards what you want to attract next in your life.

Luke Simon uses intuition and his empathic heart to liberate people from old patterns, remember their purpose and reclaim their joy. Using Reiki, Breathwork and Tarot cards, Luke creates a sacred space for a direct experience of the mystical layer we all can access for wisdom, peace and healing. You will leave in a different place then you arrived, and we usually laugh a little along the way.

Luke Simon co-founded Maha Rose Center for Healing in Brooklyn and his healing work has been written about in The New York Times and Vanity Fair.com. He is currently writing a book about his path and healing. Luke is available for private sessions at Maha Rose in Brooklyn and via Skype. Visit his website lukesimonmystic.com