<Friday, February 14, 2020> Breathwork to Heal Your Heart

Breathwork to Heal Your Heart

with Thérèse Cator
Friday, February 14th

Exchange: $40


Our hearts can carry unimaginable amounts of grief both conscious and unconscious.

Our hearts carry…
Grief because of loss.
Grief because of heartbreak.
Grief because of trauma.
Grief because of our families.
Grief because of climate collapse.
Grief because of society.

Yet, our hearts also carry unquantifiable amounts of intelligence and love.

Oftentimes, to access the wisdom in our hearts we must be able to be with and tend to our grief. As we do, we access our joy, our freedom and our lives.

Breathwork To Heal Your Heart will be guided by Thérèse Cator, Artist, Leadership Coach, Intuitive Healer and Soul Guide. This is an invitation to trust in the medicine of your breath to heal the parts of your heart that are aching for your care. In this circle everyone’s heart matters and there’s nothing too small or too big. You will witness and be witnessed in love and with deep care.

This is a diverse and welcoming space open to all womxn, femmes and female identified folx.

Please bring a journal, pen(cil) and if desired an eye cover.

Thérèse Cator is a Mama, Life-long Artist, Leadership Coach, Intuitive Healer and Soul Guide whose work lies at the intersection of leadership, spirituality, reclamation and social change. She leads healing journeys for womxn who desire to remember and reclaim their whole selves and embody their radical vision for themselves and the world beyond patriarchy and systems of oppression. Her work combines over a decade of experience in coaching, and weaves in breathwork, movement, embodiment, creativity, trance, intuition, storytelling, shadow work, and energy work. She also brings in her education, experience and knowledge in non-profit development, teaching, social justice, business and art. At the core, her work is rooted in love, liberation and community. She’s the guide for the Visionary Womxn Mastermind and the online course and community Circle of Reclamation. She’s the founder of Black Girls Breathe where she organizes a global healing day for womxn of color. She’s also the host of the Visionary Womxn Podcast where she along with amazing guests explore sacred medicine for the way we live and lead. Thérèse comes from a lineage of medicine people, mystics, artists and activists and she’s honored to share the earth-based ancestral wisdom that she’s been practicing since childhood. She holds a BA from NYU and an MFA from Rutgers University. You’re invited to join her free community for Visionary Womxn to receive weekly medicine to root deeper and rise higher at www.theresecator.com.