Friday, February 10th -- Cosmic Reboot Breathwork : Leo Eclipse Fearlessness


with Luke Simon

We will use Breathwork to tap in to the powerful Full Moon Eclipse energy! The Leo Moon urges us to step fearlessly into our light, to shine, bravely express, love, play and expressour truth. We will use the Breathwork to release old fears and move forward with courage.

Fear keeps us from living. We build walls and blocks. It is cold, restrictive and painful. The ultimate fear is separation from Source. When we begin to feel the connection we have to the Universe, it flows through us as a healing force. As you let go and drop in to the breath work rhythm,  you will reboot back to that cosmic connection, beyond fear, to your own heart. The eclipse occurs during the workshop! If the sky is clear, we may step out at 7:30 to see the moon get momentarily shadowed. Eclipses are powerful cosmic moments, so let's harness it and use it to release and align to our path.

Breathwork takes you out of your mind and into your body and inner wisdom. Come ready to breath until you are surprised!

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Luke Simon is a founding member of Maha Rose and is passionate about sharing healing work to open the heart, reclaim wholeness and enjoy every moment. He offers private sessions, leads group retreats and has created a pop-up spiritual night club called The Softer Image. He shares the tools of healing he’s found helpful to assist others on their personal journey.Save