Tuesday, July 9th -- Free Your Mind, Free Your Life: 3 Steps To Rewire A Self-Limiting Belief

Tuesday, July 9th -- Free Your Mind, Free Your Life: 3 Steps To Rewire A Self-Limiting Belief

with Meaghan O'Herron


Are you ready to take an honest look at yourself, shatter self-imposed limitations, and expand you life? Meaghan designed Free Your Mind for anyone who is feeling stuck in a negative loop, overwhelmed by feelings like guilt or shame, or consumed by harmful inner voices.

During this workshop, Meaghan will guide you through a process of identifying a hidden self-limiting belief, and share powerful and tangible tools to rewire an unproductive and harmful thought loop. You will learn why your habits and patterns persist, and gain access to new stories, identities, and life experiences. The benefits of this workshop last far beyond the workshop itself; Meaghan's hope is to share the tools in a way that is accessible for you to use on your own beyond the evening you spend together.

Be prepared to be vulnerable and show up for yourself and others with total compassion as we share our deeper experiences with one another - only to realize just how universal being human is.

Please bring a journal and a pen.

Exchange: $40

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

Meaghan's mission is to attune individuals to the vibration of their own intuition and essential Self through psycho-emotional release, so that they can live with the abundance and joy that is their birthright. She is an Energy Healer and Integrative Coach who holds a Master’s Degree in Integrative Health Studies. Blending modalities such as Reiki, Tarot, Positive Psychology, Yoga and Movement, Essential Oil Therapy, Guided Imagery, Chanting, and more, Meaghan guides clients toward healing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalances.