February 7th-12th -- Female Sexual Health and Empowerment : * Mexico Retreat*

With Marisa Sullivan

February 7th (Thursday) - February 12th (Wednesday) 

at Maha Rose South in Mazunte, Mexico

This is a retreat for women about the radiant health of our sex center, our orgasmic potential, our womb, juiciness, fertility and longevity and so much more, our radiant health and ability to live in joy. Our bodies and amazing!! We are amazing!!

Our health and well-being blossoms best when we look at our organs holistically, at the interconnectedness of our entire body, mind, and spirit. We will and learn the sexual and pelvic floor anatomy and understand how we can harness our sexual energy for our radiance, our full body health, and living a life of self-love, joy and extraordinary pleasure and creativity.

Yes, we will talk about orgasms, the g-spot, full-bodied orgasms, laughing orgasms and energy orgasms. Yes, we will learn techniques to connect with and increase our orgasmic potential. We will do pelvic floor yoga, breath, and play. We will do a yoni steam, learn how to use Jade Eggs, and do self-massage.

But more than that we will honor ourselves as we are, as women in the modern world, we will look at ancient Goddess traditions and health practices and we will grieve and express our anger at the ways our Female Sexual Health and Radiance is not being honored in our individual and communal health, relationships, and education. This is a piece of Sex Education we all need and never received.  

Retreat Itinerary: 

Every day will be filled with learning, sharing ritual, nature adventure, caring for our bodies minds and spirits.

Mornings will start with a movement class yoga, movement, and health rituals--once or twice we will do movement class in the ocean After Breakfast we will do some lecture, learning and sharing circles each day we will study the female sexual anatomy in depth, and the connections to pelvic floor, breath and pelvic floor health.

Afternoons will mostly be free time, there will be assignments, journal queries, prompts for creative shadings --guidance to go into creative space and expire using sexual juices to fuel and spice secretive expressions.

Evenings will be lushness gatherings of magic, laughter, dance, play, song and deep expression one or two evenings we will do a Breathwork one evening we will play with yoni jade eggs one evening we will do yoni steam and breast massage for health and well being we will share creative expressions There will be a couple of excursions to see dolphins, whales and more!

Exchange: $850

Private room: $1235, call the desk to book this option.

We have space in the guesthouse to stay an extra night, $40/night for a shared room. Please call the desk for this option.


 *artwork in tile image by Alexandria Coe

Marisa Sullivan is a certified yoga teacher with extensive training including certification from Sivananda, Jivamukti, Pelvic Floor Training through Leslie Howard, Prenatal through Ma Yoga, Mommy and Me Post Natal, and YCAT Yoga for Cancer and Chronic Illness. She teaches Yoga for Cancer Patients and Survivors at NYU Hospital. She teaches Chair Yoga in several senior centers and Dementia Nursing Homes. She has an extensive private practice working with anyone who loves yoga and wants to explore an investigative, personalized, therapeutic yoga practice. She teaches Laughter Yoga, Female Sexual Health and Empowerment and Tantra for Couples and has presented them at Maha Rose, Laughing Lotus, Go Yoga, Maha Rose, KamaDevi Yoga, and Jivamukti Yoga Center. Marisa is an intuitive healer using Reiki and Shamanic Practices. She is a Reiki Master and teaches and mentors other healers. With an extensive performance background in dance and theater as well as a Masters in Theater for Educational and Therapeutic Use, Marisa uses theatrical techniques that embody play and creativity in her teaching and healing. She is constantly exploring and learning through her teachers, her peers, her students, and her life.