Akashic Records Retreat Mexico • Feb 21-26th

Akashic Records Retreat Mexico • Feb 21-26th

with Christina Cross

at Maha Rose South, in Mazunte, Mexico  

Exchange: $950 includes meals and lodging

S I G N   U P   O N L I N E

Are you ready to elevate, align, clear and expand with both the AMAZING energies of Mazunte, Mexico and the Akashic Records? Don’t miss out on this special opportunity as I offer another workshop from my Sacred Spaces series at Maha Rose South! The Records remind us that every place on this beautiful planet is sacred, but some physical locations do hold much more energy than others. Come see what Mazunte has to offer you!

Mazunte originally was a small turtle fishing village. Turtles became protected and it has evolved into an eco-tourist town with beautiful beaches, protected wildlife, a small fishing community, a circus and a vibrant and varied national and international community. The town has its own daily local offerings of yoga, African dance classes, ecstatic dance, paddle boarding, salsa dancing and cafes owned.

Located adjacent to Punta Cometa, an ancient astronomical viewing point where you can see both the sunset and the Moonrise over the ocean, Mazunte was awarded the status of Pueblo Magico- magic village. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, alive with dolphins, whales, and turtles, Mazunte, Mexico is wonderous medicine for the body and soul.

The retreat will include a two-day beginning class, Accessing the Akashic Records, followed by the Working with Nature and The Creativity Class advanced Akashic Records classes. In the advanced classes, students will tap into the sacred space of Mazunte learning how to work with specific elements of nature and how to utilize the creative aspects of the Akashic Records. There will be group sessions as well as independent study opportunities, so you are sure to come away with a clearer connection with your own Records and this sacred world we are living in!

Advanced students that don’t want to repeat the beginning class, will be provided with independent study material (Past Lives & Ancestral Clearing) to work on during that portion of the retreat.

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Class Descriptions:
Accessing the Akashic Records Beginning Class

According to quantum physicist Ervin Laszlo, the Akashic Records are an electromagnetic imprint of everything that's ever happened in the universe. According to Edgar Cayce, they are the Book of Life, the records of every soul's journey throughout all time. Whether you come from a scientific or spiritual perspective or both, the loving energy of the Records is deeply healing.
This day and a half workshop with spiritual teacher and healer Christina Cross prepares you to do work in your own Records and the Akashic Records of others. With loving support and personal guidance, Christina helps you understand how to work in your own Records for a clearer connection with Source, and to gain supportive insight, guidance and wisdom for your own evolution.
Soul contracts, soul missions, and related aspects of the soul’s desires can be explored in the Records, and we begin to understand the deeper spiritual reasons for the people and situations in our lives. Past life issues related to current life challenges can also come up to be understood and cleared. Anyone can learn to read the Akashic Records and connect directly with their energy and information. Powerful on their own, the Records can also be used in conjunction with other systems. Working in the Akashic Records is beneficial for everyone, no matter what your life path. Please, NO alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before class.

Working with Nature
The purpose of this class is to learn how the Akashic Records operate in nature and how we can use them effectively. In this session, we are working with direct revelation, so there is not much in the way of the content for this class. The content is you; your life, your questions and concerns.
Not all expressions of life through nature are equally strong for everyone. In this course, we aim to discover which forms of nature are good resources for you. Each individual has their own relationship to the natural world. One person may have a clear, powerful connection with birds, another may have a profound bond with mountains. Be open to your own experience and your own truth.
There will be group sessions as well as independent study sessions to allow students to focus on their own specific wants and needs. Be ready to elevate, align, clear and expand!

The Creativity Class
Working in the Records, many of us can get into a rut. Not a bad rut, but a regular, predictable pattern of interacting in the Records. On one hand this is good, because we came to trust the path that is familiar and trustworthy. On the other hand, it can be limiting. It can become like taking the same route to and from work every day. The familiarity of the route allows us to move into a semi-sleep state. We can arrive at our destination with zero recollection of the trip itself. One of the great blessings of being in this work is that of having heightened awareness of the everyday experiences of life, even when we are not in the Records. In this class, we are endeavoring to open up avenues of connection to the Records, so that we can avoid the tendency to fall asleep on the path.

The purpose of this class is to deepen and expand our conscious awareness of our relationship with the cause of creativity. We will experiment with some traditional forms of creative expression. THE IS NOT AN ART CLASS. Rather, we recognize the forms as vehicles transmitting the Light of the Records. Exploring various art forms opens us to new channels of connecting to the Light. Opening these avenues supports our continued awakening to the truth of our oneness with the Source of creativity.

Retreat Itinerary:

Feb. 21 Arrive and settle in, Dinner 7pm followed by an opening circle at 8:30pm
Feb. 22 Accessing the Akashic Records Beginning Class Part 1 -Learn how to access the Akashic Records for yourself 10am-1pm Class, 1-3 Lunch & break, 3pm-6pm Class

Feb. 23 Accessing the Akashic Records Beginning Class Part 2- Learn how to access the Akashic Records for others 10am-1pm Class, 1-3 Lunch & break, 3pm-6pm Class
Advanced students that don’t want to repeat the Beginning Class will be provided with independent study material (Past Lives & Ancestral Clearing) to work on during this portion of the retreat.
Feb.24 Advanced Akashic Records Class-Working with Nature
10am-1pm Class, 1-3 Lunch & break, 3pm-6pm Class, 8:30-9:30pm- The Night Sky
Feb. 25 Advanced Akashic Records Class- Creativity and the Records
10am-1pm Class, 1-3 Lunch & break, 3pm-6pm Class
Feb. 26 Closing Circle 10am, Check out 12pm, Depart  

In February 1998, Christina answered the calling and attended the “Akashic Records Beginning Class” workshop and experienced a sense of acceptance and appreciation for herself and others unlike anything she had ever encountered. Christina “got it” that if everyone on this planet would take time to experience their own magnificence we would truly live in a peaceful world. There would be no competition or need to be better than or less than, that all of humanity could and would live in harmony and appreciation of the fact that each and every one of us is a unique and perfect expression of the Divine. This incredible experience resonated deep into her being and transformed the course of her life.
After a 13-year career in childcare (work that she loved) she began to give readings on a full time basis. In 1999 Christina began assisting her teacher, Linda Howe, in Akashic Record courses and then moved into the position of Assistant Director of Linda’s School of Akashic Studies until 2006. During her time as Assistant Director and after serving as mentor to new students Christina's desire to teach was born and in 2003 she became a certified teacher of the Pathway Prayer Process (and later Advanced Certified Teacher) offering “certification courses” through early 2017.

To date, Christina remains in awe of the loving energy and information that effortlessly pours forth from the Akashic Records and enjoys continued opportunities to share that experience with others via workshops, consultations and mentoring sessions. Throughout the years, Christina has worked with thousands of students and clients from around the world and cannot imagine life without this wonderful spiritual resource