Sunday, June 15th – Family Lineage Clearing


with Grace Vieira, visiting healer from LA 

The imprint of our family lineage is carried with us in the form of subtle thought forms. The imprints we carry are often what are really holding us back from becoming fully vibrant, actualized beings. If you still have issues with Mom, Dad, boyfriend or girlfriend, then you must look into the beliefs you are projecting. Everyone is our mirror. We are others' mirror. The key to our independence is for us to realize the truth of what we have carried and why, and to let it go with Love as we move into our true self.

In this workshop Grace will open you to the possibility of forgiveness & compassion. The healing occurs through discussion, wisdom, and a powerful guided meditation and visualization to connect with spirit and heal yourself. As you collect wisdom and insight through this work, you make a new composition of consciousness, and allow yourself to rise to a higher frequency, to move into an enlightened space, into who you really are beyond the old patterns.

This work makes you realize your true power—that your power comes from within. It brings you back into your integrity. You can no longer blame Mom or Dad, because you realize you have the power to change. Clearing your lineage builds self-honor and self-responsibility.

The golden nugget of who we are is covered by imprints of negativity that happened many lifetimes ago. It takes courage to look at the reality of what it was that happened, what negative thought forms are blocking our natural expression. But as we go into it and uncover it, we open up a river of energy that was contained in that negative state. As you clear this river of gook of the past, it is transmuted into divine Love. Now for the fist time ever we as beings, in physical body, we are able to harvest golden jewel that is within our heart!

The only energy that heals is Love. Love is everywhere. But the human being only really receives it and connects to it when they allow it and receive it. Grace will give you tools to use to continue connecting to Love within you, and continue to do your own inner work. You will begin to understand the position of your entire being as a Child of the light. You will carry this wisdom to every area of your life.


Grace Vieira is known as an international healer, medium, teacher and the Founder of Truth, Light & Love, a spiritual enlightenment company based in Santa Monica, CA.

Grace has guided numerous people into making dramatic changes in their lives through her revolutionary new method “Grace Graca” which means “Embraces All”. 

Her modality is based on her own life transformation and also incorporates powerful influences from all philosophies, faiths, and teachings from all the great leaders, saints, spiritualists, elders, sages and guided spirits. Grace serves as a vessel of Truth, Light and Love and guides her clients through their transformation, and gives them the tools they need to be the best they can be and achieve their highest potential. Grace works one-on-one with clients and also travels across the country doing workshops, seminars, events and public speaking.

Grace began her journey as a child in Algarve, Portugal, blessed by the country side and the majestic waters of the Atlantic ocean. Bathing on the golden beaches of the coast of the Algarve, gave her the understanding, appreciation and the value, that life was to embrace the beauty of God’s creation, and the elements of Mother Earth. Her trust and faith was built from a foundation beyond humanity. 

At an early age Grace began to exhibit “unique” and “special” gifts that only her mother under-stood. Her mother’s support, unconditional love, generosity and kindness nurtured Grace at this beginning stage of her spiritual development and aided her in the acceptance of something beyond this physical existence. As a child Grace made a very clear decision, that she was going to be powerful, courageous, wise, and strong just like her Dad, a giving man who was loved by his community. Growing up with these role models gave Grace great courage and strength that one can do it all.

Grace embraces all incarnations of spirit, including Buddhist, Catholic, Sufi, Judaism... all is one.

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