Thursday, January 29th -- Fairy School for Grown-Ups: Rediscovering the Fairy Realm

Thursday, January 29th -- Fairy School for Grown-Ups: Rediscovering the Fairy Realm


with Lyndsey Harrington & Elyssa Jakim

As children, many of us had a natural gift of connecting to mystical entities such as fairies.  We may have spent long summer afternoons making fairy houses in the backyard, talking to “imaginary friends,” and finding countless other ways to welcome such spirits into our lives.  Fairies were often friends to us, providing us with healing and support that we couldn’t easily access in the physical realm. Over time, that openness was most often conditioned out of us through shame and ridicule (some of us were never allowed that openness at all), and the ease with which we once connected to those realms hardened.  

At Fairy School, we believe that the ability to connect to the fairy realm remains within us as adults, and this world can be just as magical as it once was if we once again open our hearts to what is unseen by the rational eye. The fairy realm is accessible to us at any given moment, and spirits such as fairies communicate with us constantly whether we are conscious of it or not. If we choose to believe, we can open ourselves up to a deep well of guidance, support, and wisdom that exists in this etheric realm.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss ideas of what the fairy realm is, how it relates to our world today, and how we can once again invite it into our lives. There will be guided meditation, fairy realm exercises, ample time for q&a and, of course, tea.

Please bring a special item with you to contribute to our fairy altar for the day.

$20 pre-register | $25 day of

Lyndsey Harrington is a reiki master and lifelong fairy enthusiast.  She runs a women's healing collective called Moon Church, and, more recently, she is a co-founder of Fairy School at Maha Rose.
Elyssa Jakim received her BA from Harvard University in Visual and Environmental Studies. She has trained in Reiki I, II, and Mastership with Lisa Levine of Maha Rose and studied the Alexander Technique Extensively with Amira Glaser. Elyssa is a co-founder of Fairy School.
She writes for Mind Body Green, The Huffington Post, and Breathe Repeat.