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Energetic Field Work
Remote Sessions

Energetic Field Work with William Brisson is an energy-based system to support you and your intentions. This work is done by identifying and clearing what is in the way of your intentions. These can be limiting impressions and conditioning within yourself or in the energy fields of your environment. Whether your personal field or the energetic fields of your home or business spaces are clear or not, can very much determine the quality of your life, and how much you are able to experience health, wealth, peace, success, happy loving relationships and harmony.

There are two kinds of sessions offered. Energetic Feng Shui can clear and set the energy field of spaces such as your home or business. Personal Clearing and Integration Sessions work to support you and all you intend for. Both kinds of sessions can also be designed for couples and families, as well as business and collaborative teams.

Utilizing presence, breath, muscle testing, intuitive dialogue and an energetic 'field work', we can identify, access, and clear challenging blocks and patterns so you may more easily realize and manifest all you desire for yourself and your life.


All Sessions are available Remotely, from the comfort of your home. Please select session the with title "Online" to book an online session. 


 Please review our cancellation policy before booking.