*visiting from Los Angeles, California*

Sat 9/15, Sunday 9/16 & Tuesday 9/18


Sunday 9/30, Monday 10/1 & Wednesday 10/3


Luke Simon is an original member of Maha Rose, now residing in Los Angeles. He is a Reiki Master, a witch and a musician. He shares the healing tools that he has found most effective to heal anxiety, depression, renew optimism, creativity, and live in Love. Healing, we remember how to live in a higher vibration, free from heavy attachments of the past.

His healing work has been written about in The New York Times and Vanity Fair.com. Most recently, Luke has created THE SOFTER IMAGE party as an outlet for dancing in a non-alcohol, high vibrational environment. Luke is available for private sessions via Skype or in person. Visit his website lukesimonmystic.com to read more 


Mystic Healing Combo Session
Cosmic, Intuitive, Soulful sessions custom tailored to support you on your path. We begin with a guided grounding meditation, then check in with what you are bringing to the table. We will do a small tarot reading to get more information. Then you will come up to the table for either Reiki or Breathwork healing. Reiki is more gentle, calming and nurturing. Breathwork is more activating, energizing, unblocking and strong. Luke will guide you and send you home with homework, either affirmations or action steps to continue the healing process.

90 minutes $177

Tarot Reading
We will use the mirror of the cards to have a deep, soulful conversation about where you are and where you want to be going. In these divination sessions, we tap into deep seeing, feeling and uncover the truth that you already know! These sessions are insightful, healing and fun.

1 hour $140

Reiki is the energy of unconditional Love. We will start with a guided meditation and then check in to discuss your intention for the session. On the table you will relax and receive a transmission of healing energy. You will leave feel lighter and more like you. Luke will give you some homework like affirmations or action steps to continue the healing process.

1 hour $140

or call us during the day and schedule over the phone: 718-757-2758

Please review our cancellation policy before booking.


“I am experiencing miraculous (both in immediacy and depth) benefits from our session. I am -in totality- “on”. — Lauren

"During and after our session, I definitely felt a new and deeper connection with my soul, and I know that is in part to the way he held space for me and the way he SAW me. He is a TRULY gifted intuitive and healer." -- Kathleen

"Luke creates an energy and space that welcomes all parts of you to be present and I'm grateful for the experience! I left the session with a smile on my face and received many comments when I got back home that I looked different, that my face looked more fleshed out. It was only a short session but the acceptance and ease with which the session was held allowed me to soften and receive. Thank you Luke!" -- Loren

“I haven’t felt that type of bliss for a long time.” –Bonnie