Copy of June 24th - June 26th -- Medicine Reading Retreat in the Catskills

Unity Essences Presents:  A Women’s Medicine ReadingTM Journey

with Deborah Hannekamp 

Come submerse yourself in heart centered balance and rapture on this retreat in the sacred comfort of the Catskills. Celebrate the earth, wind, water and fire in sacred ceremony with other wild women. Care for your body with shamanic yoga, herbal infusions for the feminine heart and rest. You will leave this retreat feeling strong in your body, sound in your mind, free in your spirit and beautiful in every way. During the course of this celebration of the wild Deborah will teach you how to create the medicine of flower essences and you will bring home a Flower Essence that we will create together on the retreat. The past healed, the path cleared intentions set and seen to fruition.


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Itinerary : 

Friday -

3:30pm Arrive meet and greet

4:30pm Sacred earth ceremony- how to create an earth offering/ herbal clay body masks.

6:30pm Dinner



9am Breakfast

11:11am Shamanic Yoga

1pm Lunch

2pm Sacred wind ceremony -using Bee’s magic to commune with spirit

3:33pm Medicine Reading Ceremony

5:30pm Dinner

Free Time 

8pm Sacred Fire Releasing Ceremony- Dancing with the spirit flame



9am Breakfast

11:11am Shamanic Yoga

1pm Lunch

2pm Sacred Water Ceremony a Herbal Ritual Bath for Rebirth

5:30pm Dinner and sharing circle

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What to Bring : An empty tincture bottle, a journal & pen, a crystal or personal talisman to place on the altar


Energy Exchange includes retreat, all meals and shared lodging: $730 | Camping: $690

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Deborah Hanekamp is a Seeress and Medicine Woman carrying over 15yrs in the healing arts as an Initiated Amazonian Curendara, Reiki Master and Yogini. Guided by the present moment, Deborah has facilitated Medicine Readings and healing ceremonies all over the world. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Time out New York & Curve Magazine.