Wednesday, February 18th -- New Moon Breathwork for Creativity


with Luke Simon

What do you want to create in the world? Do you feel like it’s your life’s purpose to bring something new into the world? Activate and align to this new lunar cycle.

We will use Breathwork to enter into the energy body, and experience thought-forms and emotions as pure energy. Feeling is healing, the active breath work meditation will help you to feel stuck emotions that block you, and as you dig deeper and let go, you’ll feel the ecstasy and bliss of your true essence.

This new Moon occurs in the “critical degrees” of Aquarius (Each of the 12 zodiac signs has 30 degrees of 360, and this moon occurs at the last 6 seconds of Aquarius). This is an evolutionary nudge to activate once more our genius, our ideas, the way we shape the future, that will effect the collective and the future. If you’ve been feeling pressure to create what you’ve always dreamed of in your life, or feeling pressure to get clear about what you want to create, this group is for you.

Come ready to let go of the old and call in the new. Activate your energy and align with the moon and stars. The spark of who you are is the only light you need to walk the road as a pioneer. We are the people we have been waiting for. 

$25 pre-register | $30 day of


Luke Simon is a founding member of Maha Rose and is passionate about sharing healing work to open the heart, connect to wholeness and have more fun in life.