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Astrology is the art and science of the cycles of life. The natal birth chart is our road map and living weather report. Knowing how the energy of the stars and planets is effecting gives us great wisdom, foresight and understanding. This is healing through understanding. It is similar to a therapy session, you can bring in a certain question or theme or simply look at the general influences. Rather than being "fatalistic" our astrologers empower you to make choices in your life and optimize the current period you are in. 

*please note that astrology sessions are for entertainment purposes only.

Maha Rose offers the opportunity to explore your chart via various types of astrological systems both tropical and sidereal.

All Astrology Sessions are available Remotely, from the comfort of your home. Please select session the with title "Online" to book an online session. 

Currently we offer:

Western Astrology with Kesaine

Western astrology is the system of astrology most popular in Western countries. Western astrology is historically based on Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos (2nd century CE), which in turn was a continuation of Hellenistic and ultimately Babylonian traditions.

Western astrology is largely horoscopic, that is, it is a form of divination based on the construction of a horoscope for an exact moment, such as a person's birth, in which various cosmic bodies are said to have an influence.

Vedic Astrology with Oana

Vedic Astrology (also known as Jyotish) is the astrology of India. It has been practiced without interruption for thousands of years. Jyotish is a healing modality, offering insight into the limiting patterns of our minds and remedial measures that can alleviate the suffering brought on by difficult planetary periods. It is also a powerful divination system that can predict the future very accurately.

Evolutionary and Hellenistic Astrology with Malorine

Evolutionary Astrology is a style of astrology that understands each person's birth chart as a map of the soul's evolution and offers insights into where the soul has been, its current life purpose, and ultimately where the soul is going.

Hellenistic astrology is a tradition of horoscopic astrology that was developed and practiced in the late Hellenistic period in and around the Mediterranean region, especially in Egypt.


Please include your birth date, time, and location for all astrology appointments booked in the notes section upon booking.

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