April-June -- COSMIC BLUEPRINT: Rewriting Your Destiny

With Margarita Russolello


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You can pay in full, pay as you go, or select the weeks you would like to attend. While we encourage everyone to attend the full series, drop-ins are more than welcome!

The Cosmic Blueprint Series is a 7-part experiential workshop series which functions as part psychosomatic healing and part intuitive training. It is informed by the “8 Extraordinary Vessels” in Classical Chinese Medicine, which offer us an energetic blueprint of who we are and who we are capable of becoming. The series includes 16 hours of deep transformational discovery and spiritual development to align you with your most authentic, radiant, and powerful self. Each of the 7 sessions are 2 hours, except the final mini-retreat which is 4 hours.

Sessions will consist of guided meditation, shamanic journeying, kundalini yoga and physical movement, group reiki, journaling, essential oils, and healing ceremony. Each class will also include intuitive tools applicable to daily life or spiritual practice. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement and meditation. You are also welcome to rest or meditate during the movement component, and alternatives will be given to suit your body’s needs.

Sunday, April 7th 3-5pm: THE COSMIC BLUEPRINT
Sunday, April 21st 3-5pm: THE MOTHERLINE
Sunday, May 5th 3-5pm: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MOTION
Sunday, May 19th 3-5pm: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY
Sunday, May 26th 3-5pm: THE INTEGRATION
Saturday, June 15th 3-5pm: THE DELETION
Sunday, June 30th 1-5pm: THE MATERIALIZATION (Mini-Retreat)


Sunday, April 7th 3pm-5pm: THE COSMIC BLUEPRINT
This session addresses our energetic mapping and reason for incarnating. We access our “prenatal energetics” or what we are bringing in from before our soul had a body. This enables us to access our constitution, our genetics, and our physical, emotional, and karmic tendencies. We will also set intentions for the remainder of the course, by identifying what we wish to call in.

Sunday, April 21st 3pm-5pm: THE MOTHERLINE
This session addresses the “maternal matrix,” which is imprinted upon us at birth and through our infant memories of bonding, both in utero and as children. This forms our ideas around intimacy, nourishment, and feeling complete in ourselves, and determines how we give and receive love as adults. It also regulates our ability to feel safe in our bodies: both in solitude and in romantic and platonic relationships.

Sunday, May 5th 3pm-5pm: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MOTION
This session addresses our individuality and our capability of taking action. We work with the spinal energy that allows us to be upright and steadfast in who in are. We learn the energetics of saying no, of setting boundaries, and of setting ourselves apart from the collective in a healthy way. We explore our ability to take initiative, move forward, and activate our willpower.

Sunday, May 19th 3pm-5pm: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY
This session address the storyline of who we are and the experiences that constitute the fabric of our being. We discuss our autobiography, how we want to be remembered, and our legacy. How we define ourselves, and the stories we believe about who we are in the world, inform our sense of reality and perception. We shift our stories to see new possibilities for ourselves and the collective, rewriting our Destiny as we desire it.

Sunday, May 26th 3pm-5pm: THE INTEGRATION
This session is about integrating the various parts of ourselves and being able to be connected in the present moment. We address our obsessions with the past, and our obsessions with the future, to learn the art of contentment and satisfaction with who we are right now. Rather than changing who we are, we learn to source total acceptance and unconditional self-love, by reaching higher planes of awareness that transcend reality as we know it.

Saturday, June 15th 3pm-5pm: THE DELETION
This is the great purging before our final manifestation. Here, we look at our ability to purge and delete what no longer serves us. In what areas are we still holding onto past traumas and pain? In what ways are we resistant to growth and refusing to move on? We let go of these things once and for all in a cathartic experience that offers us the choice to liberate ourselves from past demons and lingering negative energies. We learn to use our resistance as fuel for the fire.

Sunday, June 30th 1-5pm: THE MATERIALIZATION (Mini-Retreat)
In this final mini-retreat, we will access our creativity, our sensuality, and our power to truly manifest and materialize all of our deepest desires and visions for the future. We will set goals, make timelines, and heal anything inside us that is still feeling unworthy. We will access our creative sacral energy to rebirth ourselves and all we’re becoming. We will take inventory of where we’re at in our lives and discuss how to bring our work out into the world. We will also discuss the energetics of money and sex, since our ability to manifest and materialize is directly related to these. Any feeling of shame, pain, and unworthiness, or feeling untrained, unqualified, or “not enough” will all be addressed here, so that we can step out of these limiting belief systems and live our most authentic, joyous, and transformative lives.

Exchange: $333 for entire course + custom essential oil blend & 30 minute coaching call | $40 Drop-IN for sessions 1-6 | $75 Drop-IN for session 7

You can pay in full, pay as you go, or select the weeks you would like to attend. While we encourage everyone to attend the full series, drop-ins are more than welcome!

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E 

Margarita Russolello is a multidisciplinary healing artist, Reiki Master, intuitive reader, and Eastern Medicine practitioner. She is on track to obtain her Master of Science in Chinese Medicine this August 2019, and will thereafter be a nationally certified acupuncturist and herbalist. She has spent the last decade of her life studying various integrative healing practices, including Esoteric Acupuncture, Shamanic Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, intuitive readings, essential oils, crystal therapy, and breathwork. She is especially passionate about making the psychosomatic, energetic, and spiritual aspects of Chinese Medicine accessible to the public, through experiential workshops and group healings. She also maintains a private practice, where she conducts 1:1 signature healing sessions that address the physical, emotional, and karmic layers of being. She is thrilled to bring you her COSMIC BLUEPRINT series aimed at raising cosmic consciousness and supporting you in owning your unique gifts. Please see margaritarussolello.com for more information or to schedule a 1:1 session.