April 19th & 26th -- Rebel Heart Meditation : Heart Healing // Anger, Anxiety, Hurt

Rebel Heart Meditation Presents: 

Heart Healing : Anger, Anxiety, & Hurt 

April 19th & 26th 


with Ralph De La Rosa

Despite the fact that negative emotions tend to override us, causing confusion and often chaos, they are not our enemies. Rather, they are like messengers, sounding an alarm, calling us to go deeper, longing for us to heal. 

At the cross section of psychotherapy and meditation lies a new, evidence-based, intuitive method for working with difficult emotional states and healing them at their root. Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is rooted in the truth that all of our parts, including the ones that cause us trouble, contain wisdom and have so much to teach us. When we begin to regard the various parts of ourselves as living energies that want our attention and care, something brilliant happens: we stop struggling against ourselves and a deeper inner harmony becomes possible.

Heart Healing is a two-week series where you'll learn how to be with your emotions in this new way. The beauty of IFS is that you can practice it on your own without the presence of a therapist. You'll learn both a healing process you can do on your own as a formal meditative practice, and solid techniques for working with your emotions on the spot in everyday life so that you're less hijacked by them at work, in relationships, and so on. 

No experience with meditation or therapy required. Please bring pen and paper.

Sessions will be recorded and handouts provided so you can revisit the material at anytime and have guided audio practices to continue your journey with. 

Exchange: $80 advance / $90 door

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Ralph De La Rosa is an integrative psychotherapist, seasoned meditation instructor, and transformative life coach with a private practice in NYC. His work has been featured in MindBodyGreenElephant JournalWomen's HealthSelf MagazineGQAFAR Magazine, TimeOut NY, Embodied Philosophy, and NY Yoga + Life Magazine. He is a teaching mentor at MNDFL's meditation teacher training program and also teaches with Susan Piver's Daily Dharma Gathering. Ralph began practicing meditation in 1996 within the bhakti yoga tradition and has been a student of Amma (Mata Amritananda Mayi) since 2000. He has studied Buddhism since 2005 and holds vows within the Shambhala lineage of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Ralph began teaching in 2008 when he founded Rebel Heart Meditation. Ralph is a summa cum laude graduate of Fordham University's Graduate School of Social Services and is trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). He is also a certified yoga instructor and has trained in Breathwork and Reiki. Ralph currently resides in Brooklyn with his two ridiculous cats named Emma Goldman and Henry Lee.