Wednesday, April 10th-- Celestial Healing: Astrocartography

Wednesday, April 10th-- Celestial Healing: Astrocartography

with Elizabeth Smith


Did you know you can proactively choose the planetary energies that shape your life experiences?

AstroCartography is an uncannily accurate spiritual resource that uses computer technology to project the information from your astrological birth chart onto a global map revealing your most likely locations for financial prosperity, loving relationships, physical healing, a beautiful home, inner happiness and more.

Your map also illuminates the astrological influences currently activated in your life from locations around the world when you spend significant time with someone born there.

Empowered with this invaluable resource, you're able to harmoniously engage the energies at play in your current location as well as relocate, travel, invest, transform health and choose companions in light of the locational knowledge necessary to create good fortune. With this proven system you can employ benevolent stellar advantages that shape your destiny anywhere on Earth.

Join us in this experiential, interactive workshop where we'll..

- Learn which planetary lines, angles and crossings are most and least desirable to live or travel under and why

- Discover how to choose and manage relationships in light of the influences your map reveals

- Practice gentle movements to align with empowering Earth and Sky energies

- Discuss sample maps and the manifestations they gave rise to

- Explore celestial meditations to encourage benevolent planetary energies into your energetic field

- Consider how to use this powerful tool with wisdom and awareness

No astrological charts or experience required. All levels from beginner to experienced star lovers are welcome.

Exchange: $45

S I G N   U P   O N L I N E

 With more than 35 years experience, astrologer, astrocartography expert and Qigong healer, Elizabeth Smith is a gifted counselor and seasoned speaker with a passion for facilitating liberation with this life-changing knowledge. She learned her craft from the greats of the astrological world: Isabel Hickey, Jim Lewis, Liz Greene and Robert Pelletier as well as through direct transmissions from the natural world. Elizabeth brings a fun-loving nature and calm vitality to her wisdom-centered work which she attributes to lifelong practices of T'ai Chi, Dao-In Chinese Yoga, Elixir Light and Eight Treasures Qigong. She shares these invaluable 5000 year old practices in a full day Maha Rose experience entitled "The Three Treasures." Through an integrated understanding of mind and bodies, both celestial and human, her private consultations reflect the ancient synergy between the alchemy of astrology and Chi energy cultivation to invoke inspiration, clarity and healing of mind, body and spirit. Elizabeth's dynamic group workshops draw from these long related traditions as well, to illuminate the understanding of stellar influences with direct energetic experience. Learn more at her website