Tuesdays: May 7 - June 11 -- Astrology Mentorship

with Sandra Sitron

6 Tuesdays: May 7 - June 11 7pm-9pm

Are you craving extra support and guidance as you begin or develop your astrology practice? Building a successful astrology practice has unique challenges. In this Astrology Mentorship program, Sandy Sitron will help you define and structure your thriving practice.

This Mentorship will address the issues that impact astrologers, such as:

-Attracting the right client

-Defining your unique position and offering(s)

-Running your own business

-Connecting with new clients (marketing) and nurturing existing clients

-Project goals and time management

-Tech overwhelm

-Money and success mindset

-Astrology ethics

-Your ideal astrology session blueprint

-Spiritual hygiene

-Confidence in chart synthesis

You’ll use your own chart to craft your ideal practice from top to bottom, MC to IC. Sandy’s expert and personalized guidance will help you fill in any missing pieces, resulting in a creative business that you adore.

Sandy will also use hypnosis to help you integrate the skills that a pro astrologer needs to be impactful and successful— confidence, intuition, focus, creativity, communication, and clarity.

As we move forward to the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2020, it’s becoming more necessary for the collective to regenerate and structure. It’s time to do the same in your sacred vocation. Help yourself give back to the world while existing in true integrity and alignment.

Whether you are just starting out or you’re already practicing, this course will help you bring your business to the next level.


S I G N   U P   O N L I N E

Sandra Sitron is an astrologer and consulting hypnotist based in Brooklyn New York. She’s the author of Moon Journal (Pop Press, 2017) and she writes weekly horoscopes for the Numinous. A double Libra who loves collaborations, Sandy is the co-creator of an online course for Saturn Returners. Sandy is self-taught, fueled by a Mercury-in-Scorpio-style motivation to know more, and to know more deeply. With her Saturn exactly conjunct the MC she is personally driven to understand and implement the ideal structure of an astrology business. Sandy has been practicing astrology for five years and in that time has built a thriving international practice and online business. In her work she uses astrology to help her clients and students gain insight and hypnosis as a profound tool to help integrate this newfound wisdom.