Saturday, July 20th -- Paint Your Dreams Into Reality

from 3-5pm

with Kori Burkholder

Do you often find yourself putting your own dreams onto the back burner?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about a career change, starting a business, planning that dream trip or signing up for that improv class, but it just never seems to happen.

Imagine creating the time and space for yourself to pursue an idea, get over a creative block, solve an ongoing issue that’s been living inside your head for awhile...

Enjoy a 2 hour creative experience that blends intention, creative visualization, coaching and painting to clarify your dream, to help you move through internal blocks that might be keeping you from moving forward to confidently articulating what you want and asking for what you need.

The session culminates in a fluid, meditative watercolor experience incorporating the inspiration we gather along the way to create a visual touchstone that represents your dream and concrete action steps to start turning it into a reality.

You will walk away feeling refreshed, inspired and excited about your future.

Materials included. No painting experience required. All levels welcome.

Exchange: $50

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

Kori Burkholder - Career & Creativity Coach Kori Burkholder is Co-Founder of VitaminR, a wellbeing and creative innovation company. She's a professional Career and Creativity Coach, artist and facilitator of Inspirality: Transformation Art Experiences for busy adults. She’s been bringing groups of people together since 2012 and has been helping each person take away some nugget of self-awareness, knowledge, or just plain joy. As a Career Coach, she works with creative professionals who want to transition into a new direction that’s more purposeful, rewarding and aligned with their values. Kori’s background is in the creative industries (music, advertising, TV/movie production, digital marketing) and has transitioned careers many times over the last 20 years. Kori believes that dreams can become a reality with a clear vision and the will to make it happen.