Saturday, July 20th -- LUNAS: A Ceremony for Healing

with Siedeh Foxie 


Experience healing through the spirit forces of nature, working in ritual with plant medicine, sound vibration and song to cleanse the mental, physical, and emotional bodies. Harnessing the breath as inherent life force, with openness of heart we release that which is no longer ours to hold, and in doing so, prepare to receive all that awaits us in the highest good. This journey brings us into balance and right relationship with our divinity as co-creators of this world.

We’ll open in meditative ritual, building an altar as symbol of our well wishes, intentions and prayers. Siedeh will then facilitate a collective healing session as participants engage in guided breathwork to induce a dream-like state. As we travel deeper, herbs and flowers employed in the form of smoke, fragrant waters, and instruments for sweeping the auric field will cleanse and bless each individual. To end our journey, we’ll close with soothing mantra and song. Upon closing of the circle, Siedeh will share any intuitively channeled messages with the group for spiritual guidance.

It is advised to refrain from taking any mind-body altering substances for this experience. Please wear comfortable clothing. Journals for note taking are strongly encouraged, but not mandatory.

Exchange: $75 

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E 

Siedeh Foxie is a Brooklyn based intuitive practicing shamanic healing through ancient traditions. Accessing a blend of energy modalities including breathwork, healing touch, sound vibration, and plant medicine, Siedeh holds space that allows connection to our inner wisdom; thereby gaining insight and clarity to empower profound shifts. Through studies of the Eastern principles of spirituality, with her roots in shamanism from South America, she believes that we all possess the unique abilities to heal ourselves, others and ultimately the world at large. We are all intuitive beings equipped with the necessary tools we need to clear a blockage, release trauma, balance energy, and restore harmony to fulfill our soul potential.