October - December -- Mama to Mama -- A Free Women's Circle

A Free weekly circle for Pregnant Women and New Mamas* 

Mondays beginning 10/29 - December 10th

with Leba Haber


Mama to Mama is a free weekly group. It will be a safe and sacred space for women to share their experiences and prepare for the gateways of birth and new motherhood. Using somatic (body-centered) therapeutic practices, movement and Reiki, participants will create a support circle for each other in this special rite of passage.

In this group, we will set intentions for your birth and mothering experiences. Pregnancy and post partum is a unique time to explore healing your oldest wounds. We will look at your family constellations and explore ancestral ties. Traditionally, women have birthed with elders, midwives, mothers, and aunties. This group is a chance to build a new kind of birthing and post partum network.

Pregnancy and birth is a moment of unique leadership, the future is literally changing hands. This group will support women walking into the unknown, incredibly ancient, path to motherhood.

Join us! This group will run from October 29-December 10 on Mondays from 3-5 pm. Ideally, participants will commit to all sessions, although we will allow drop-ins.

Email lebahealing@gmail.com with any questions.

SIGN UP ONLINE or just come on by! 

Leba Haber is a Reiki practitioner and a fourth year student in the Radical Aliveness Institute, where she studies core energetics and somatic psychotherapy. Mama to Mama is offered free as part of her studies, and is professionally supervised. Leba is a mother of a two year old, and has been a filmmaker, educator and adjunct professor. This group is inspired by Leba’s own magical and challenging experiences of pregnancy, community and motherhood.