visiting from Missoula, Montana

JUNE 22nd - 30th 

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instagram: @laurelhillworkshop

Laurel uses her awareness of the energetics of Human Design to show her clients how to release the distractions of the conditioned mind. The goal is to get out of our own way so we can take the ride our soul intended.

Laurel found Human Design at just the right time, amidst a dawning awareness that she was far out of alignment despite building a successful jewelry business and doing everything "right." She had followed her conditioning down a path that, while fulfilling in many ways, led to constant stress, burnout, and adrenal fatigue, plus the terrifying realization that she had no idea how to do it differently. Her introduction to Human Design opened the door to total self-acceptance (a lifelong work-in-progress) and a more satisfying, peaceful, aligned life. She immersed herself in the study of Human Design to share this knowledge and guide others on their journey.

Laurel lives in the mountains of Missoula, Montana, where she makes jewelry and enjoys practicing Kundalini yoga, energy work, herbalism, & keeping up to date on conspiracy theories. She's a 6/2 Emotional Projector on the Left Angle Cross of Revolution.


Energetics in Practice: Human Design Readings

55 min // $144

Human Design goes deep enough to fill a lifetime of discovery, but if you can master the basics, everything else will fall into place. By the end of the session, you'll have a solid foundational understanding of your basic Human Design mechanics in order to flow with your design instead of against it. This session includes a discussion of the way your aura is designed to energetically interact with the world, and how you can embody that energy. We'll cover the most important keys to living your design (Aura Type, Strategy, Authority), your innate gifts, any questions you have, plus anything else we can fit into 55 minutes-- gates and channels, purpose, conditioned centers, etc.

B O O K . A . S E S S I O N  

85 min // $199
We'll cover everything included in a shorter session, with more time to dive into specifics, as well as an opportunity to discuss more questions, like~ How can I integrate my foundational knowledge into daily life? What does it mean if my partner is a Generator while I'm a Projector? How can I support my child's Design? Diving into your Human Design energetics, we'll explore any blocks or patterns in your life that need shifting in order to realign you with your Self. 

B O O K . A . S E S S I O N  


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“Out of all the amazing things I got from my reading with Laurel, what has stuck with me most is the immense new depth of self-compassion and acceptance I’ve found within myself. Her highly detailed reading validated what seemed to be a secret only I knew. It helped me unlock and accept my deepest, often hidden, most authentic self— and made me so excited to honor it by being exactly who I came here to be instead of looking at the world through a veil of comparison and conditioning. Her knowledge and guidance brought me great ease, comfort, and sheer joy, I feel like I’ve been floating since.”
~Rachel S.

“Laurel has been a wellspring of knowledge, wisdom, kindness, and positivity for me for years, so it makes total sense that she’s sharing it with the world now. You don’t have to be totally woo woo to get down with healing, growth and positive change. And I’m the kind of person who is ‘grounded’ and ‘based in reality.’ But Laurel’s reading resonated with me big time. So, if you’re looking to live more in alignment with your true self, I recommend you check her out!”
~Lauren N.

“Laurel helped me understand the complexities of my chart and how they all come together in the bigger picture. There is so much information to know about Human Design and it was crucial to have an informed guide to walk me through it. Everything she pointed to and discussed resonated deeply with me - I have never been so validated before on multiple levels of the human and the spirit. It is liberating to hear who you are and learn more of how you are wired to empower yourself to live your best self! Laurel mixes her growing knowledge in the modality with open-hearted empathy-- meeting you where you are and walking you through your chart at your own pace. She was great, I can't wait to book more sessions and continue to go deeper.”
~Rhea K.

“I have been obsessed with Human Design for some time now and when a friend told me Laurel read HD charts I signed up for a session right away! I loved getting into more the nitty gritty details of my chart and felt so much validation for some of my personality tendencies. It's empowered me to speak my truth much more confidently and move forward in my business in the direction I feel called to instead of doubting my feelings. It's so helpful to have these tools and validation to be able to live more fully into yourself.”
~Clara W.