February 23rd & 24th -- Sound School

Saturday, Feb. 23rd:  9am - 6pm

Sunday, Feb. 24th : 9am - 6pm

with Katie Down and Jessica Caplan 

Sound School at Maha Rose, is led by licensed creative arts therapist, music and sound therapist, Katie Down (MT-BC, LCAT) and sound practitioner / yoga instructor, Jessica Caplan. This 2-day, 16-hour training gives participants a thorough introduction with hands-on practicum training in the therapeutic use of sound. Weaving together theory, history, and experiential learning, this course will invite students to explore the voice and different instruments for the purpose of healing, connection, and personal transformation.

Students will gain tools and inspiration to create their own personal sound practice while employing ethics guidelines and best practices for using sound in a variety of healing modalities. We will explore the history, science and cultural relevance of sound in healing traditions and expand our capacity for deep listening in meditation and clinical applications. Students will also have the opportunity to use traditional sound healing instruments including but not limited to: Himalayan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, monochords, hand pans, tuning forks, shruti boxes, and others. The training will focus on the use of melody, rhythm, and timbre as diagnostic tools as well.

Maha Rose Sound School is open to clinicians, healers, musicians, non-musicians, and bodyworkers, etc. who want to expand their understanding of and connection to sound as a tool for healing - not only in the context of clinical practice but for creating a personal sound practice in our daily lives. Teachers, bodyworkers, yoga instructors, musicians, therapists, and anyone curious about the power of sound and deep listening in our daily lives is encouraged to apply.

Exchange: $600


*Payment plans also available, upon request, please call us at the Studio for further information* 

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"Sound School was a wonderful learning and healing experience. Jessica and Katie are beautifully talented, attentive and insightful, They have a created a truly transformative and welcoming space at Maha Rose. I really enjoyed collaborating with the other students and learning not just about sound practice but also about awareness, presence and connection. Sound School has really helped me articulate and expand my own practice and experience. Would highly recommend it to anyone who seeks gifted teachers, for experienced practitioners or just curious ones!"
 - Alex Radoaca (former student)
"After taking one of Katie Down's workshops, I found her to be a gifted and supportive teacher and decided to stay on with her for individual sound therapy supervision and mentorship. This immensely aided my professional development as a mental health clinician, listener and doctor as well as in my own practice of mindfulness and meditation. I regard Katie as instrumental in boosting my confidence to work in this arena with my own patients."
-Meredith Bergman, MD, Holistic Psychiatrist

"In the sea of healing practitioners we have to choose from today, Katie holds a unique and vital place as she possesses a rare combination of scientific evidence-based knowledge, solid foundations in both music and psychotherapy, and an undeniable personal talent for integrating a sense of creativity and warmth into everything she does.  I have had the true pleasure of attending Katie’s sound baths, been a student in her Sound School program at Maha Rose, and have brought her in as a special guest lecturer for a grand rounds presentation in the Department of Psychiatry at Jamaica Hospital. My experiences with her have added so much to not only my professional work as a creative arts psychotherapist, but also to my personal artistic practices and overall sense of wellness. In all of the different settings I’ve worked with Katie, she consistently imparts knowledge, humor, increased inner strength, and a sense of both wonder and grounding. I highly recommend her offerings to anyone seeking a new perspective!" - Karen Codd Fairchild, MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT (former student)Licensed & Board Certified Creative Arts Psychotherapist

Katie Down, (MT-BC, LCAT) is a licensed creative arts therapist, Reiki practitioner, and performing musician. Katie's breadth of experience in sound and music in therapeutic modalities is encompassed in over 10 years of clinical work as a music psychotherapist and sound practitioner. She is on staff at MNDFL, MINKA Brooklyn, and Maha Rose Center for Healing. Katie received her masters degree at NYU in Music Therapy as well as additional trauma training at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy and is certified in EMDR. Incorporating MBSR techniques as well as creative visualization, Katie provides a nurturing and grounded environment to let go of blockages and negative thought patterns so that we can realize our full potential for wellbeing and happiness. Katie teaches mindfulness meditation through sound and deep listening at Maha Rose Center for Healing, MINKA Brooklyn, and MNDFL and has been a guest lecturer at NYU, The School of Visual Arts, Cal State Fullerton, The Jewish Theological Seminary, The Expressive Arts Therapy Summit, The International Conference on Deep Listening, and at many grand rounds presentations for area hospitals. www.soundwellcenter.com

Jessica Caplan is a certified sound therapy practitioner, vocalist and yoga teacher. She creates heart-centered meditative sound experiences, workshops, retreats and trainings that weave her passion for music and movement as medicine with our innate capacity and desire to heal.

A yoga teacher since 2006, and a singer all her life, Jessica’s love of both music and the healing arts began to organically merge several years ago. She completed sound therapy practitioner training at the Open Center’s Sound and Music Institute, and has since guided soundbaths, crafted meditative soundscapes for yoga classes and events, and led workshops, retreats and trainings in sound healing. Jessica is particularly passionate about providing students an integrative, loving approach to connecting with the voice, and through that, with oneself. She is a Reiki practitioner and Restorative yoga teacher, and continues her studies of yoga, sound healing, Native traditions, shamanic practices, and classical Indian music with dear teachers.  Jessica is also the co-creatrix of SoundMind (www.soundmind.space), an audio meditation series combining meditation with therapeutic sound, released in the fall of 2016.