Reiki Masters Training- May- June 2017

Fairy School Spring Session -- April - June 2017

Saturday, April 29th-- Embrace Your Sensitivity

Saturday, April 29th -- Major Art-Cana : Major Art Party

Saturday, April 29th -- Art of Loving : Uncovering The Voice Within

Sunday, April 30th -- Dharma School : Discovering Your Life Purpose

Sunday, April 30th -- Plant Spirit Spring

Sunday, April 30th -- Sound Bath with Katie Down

Visiting Healer from India, Timothy Sadanand

Wednesday, May 3rd -- The Circle of Light : Women's Circle

Thursday, May 4th - Weekly Kundalini with Desiree

Thursday, May 4th -- Amma Satsang

Bliss & Magic & Laughter Yoga

Friday, May 5th– Community Reiki

Friday, May 5th -- Radiant Heart Breathwork

Saturday, May 6th -- Inner Roads to Outer Space

Saturday, May 6th -- Meditation For Our Ancestors

Saturday, May 6th -- Caring For Your Second Brain: Intro to Gut Health

Saturday, May 6th -- Tantric Tingle: Experiencing Ecstasy

Sunday, May 7th -- Lighten Up! Intro to Somatics: Releasing Pain and Tension

Sunday, May 7th -- Crystals 101

Sunday, May 7th -- Planetary Ascension Sound Bath

Wednesday, May 10th -- Life Path: The Astrology of Fate, Purpose, & Direction

Thursday, May 11th - Weekly Kundalini with Desiree

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