Guest Practitioner: Timothy Sadanand -- May 16th-19th

Friday, May 17th -- Breathwork with Debbie : Living in Love

Fridays -- Community Reiki Happy Hour

Saturday, May 18th -- Moon Gathering : Full Moon

Saturday, May 18th -- Fetch Your Life: A Breathwork Mini-Retreat

Saturday May 18th and Sunday May 19th -- Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop

Sunday, May 19th -- Samskara Sound Bath

April-June -- COSMIC BLUEPRINT: Rewriting Your Destiny

Monday, May 20th -- Embroidery as Healing

Wednesday, May 22nd -- Accessing Higher Consciousness Through Dreams

Thursday, May 23rd -- The Joy Vibration: a Laughter Experience

Thursday, May 23rd -- The Child Within: A Healing Journey—Identifying the Need for Love

Tuesdays, May 7th - June 4th -- Female Sexual Empowerment

Tuesdays: May 7 - June 11 -- Astrology Mentorship

Wednesdays, May - June -- Deeper Relationships

Thursday, May 23rd -- Work & Worthiness: Healing #Hustle & The Divine Masculine

Friday, May 24th -- Breathwork to Invite Love

May 25th & 26th -- Reiki 1 Training with Lyndsey

Sunday, May 26th -- Sunday Sundance: Sound Bath & Restorative Journey

Tuesday, May 28th -- Working with the Dark Moon Lilith in your Natal Chart

May 29th - June 2nd -- Intuitive Thai Therapy - Certification Training Level 1

Thursday, May 30th -- Tea & Empathy: An Intro to Nonviolent Communication

Thursday, May 30th -- The Joy Vibration: a Laughter Experience

Friday, May 31st -- Breathwork with Debbie : Living in Love

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