Feb 14th-18th, 2019 -- Awaken Your Fierce Heart : Mexico Retreat


Activating the power of Divine Love and Inner Fire for Transformation and Bliss!

with Alexandra Roxo 

at Maha Rose South 

An activation and initiation of your inner radiance, your light, your magnetism and a step into Divine Love. Using ancient practices to open to states of natural ecstasy and bliss. Finding deeper access to the Heart and the Divine within, through study of ancient goddesses, a look into the history of the epic dimming of feminine radiance, and a clear path to the epic re-awakening of deep beauty, surrender, and radiance through a radical clearing and reclaiming.

Expect a combination of ancient tantric and yogic practices, writing, movement, and shamanic ritual.  

Each morning will begin with deep practice into your inner realms to activate and open to your deepest inner bliss, ancient practices to awaken divine love within you. In -practice we will do work opening to the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine archetypes, using tantric meditations.

- A bathing ritual in a cove by the sea. And an excursion to see dolphins!

- One on one coaching with Alexandra in front of the group to help unlock your bliss and work through whatever is blocking it.

- A shamanic journey into your Heart space to activate and align with energies within.

- Movement practice, primal screaming, breath work, and embodiment work daily to learn how to unlock and free your fullness.

- Partner work based in ancient tantric practice to unleash the fullness of your expression and find any parts of yourself that you may have repressed, or places where you may be storing shame.

- Emotional Immersion Techniques to learn to move energy through your body fully and feel emotions more fully so they move with more ease.

Expect to Leave Feeling:

- Connected to Divine Love within you
- More radiant and connected to your own inner and outer beauty
- With a greater sense of freedom in your body and heart
- With practices, you can use again and again to open your heart, soften your body, release stored emotions, and shine your light out again
-More integrated with your shadow parts
- Having found a direct path to ecstasy and bliss



Morning Session: In the morning sessions we will dive into movement and meditation practice, embodiment work, sharing, learning. Each day will build on the previous day.


Afternoon: Free time with assignments to do by the beach with a partner or solo. Your time to deep dive into you. To recharge.


Evening Session: The Time for our deep mystical work. Each evening will bring us into a new energy we are exploring together and we will dive into new practices and rituals in the evenings. One night we will go deep with a shamanic journey. One night breath. One night partner work. One night storytelling. One night dance!

* Note we will do a few group excursions together to see dolphins and whales!

Exchange: $850 

Private room retreat price is $1125.

All the logistical details here.

S I G N . U P . O N L I N E 


 Alexandra Roxo is a writer and soon to be author with Sounds True, the co-founder of Moon Club, a filmmaker/artist, and transformational teacher. She has been devoted to the practice of moon ritual and being a part of the re-balancing of masculine and feminine energies on Planet Earth for many years through art, writing, and transformational work. She has mentored, coached, and lead 100's of hours of rituals, coaching work, and empowerment for women. Her film, video, photo, and TV work have been viewed by millions online, screened in international film festivals, and featured in press from Variety Magazine to NY Magazine to the London Times. Her Instagram posts and photos are where she currently finds artistic expression but stay tuned for more soon. "Stay to get in touch with the Divine Feminine within." - The New York Times