August 16th-18th -- Family Constellations Weekend Immersion

with Nick Werber

Maha Rose North
130 Morgan Hill road, Hurley, NY.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

Immerse yourself in a deeply healing and memorable summer Family Constellations retreat. This weekend getaway will offer an experiential journey into an overlooked or misunderstood aspect of the human experience: the effect your family of origin and ancestral history has on your present-day life.

Using Family Constellations, a profound group healing process, we’ll uncover how often seemingly personal struggles aren’t so simple. Instead, challenges like anxiety, depression, trauma, illness and others are often logical outcomes of not only your upbringing, but the events and circumstances surrounding your parents' upbringing, your grandparents' upbringing, or other areas of your family tree.

Are you someone who senses that your connection to your family of origin or the circumstances you experienced in childhood are affecting close relationships, your career or your mental or physical wellbeing? Do you feel you carry a pit of shame or unworthiness around no matter where you go? Are you aware that there was infidelity or secrets in your family and that these dynamics still appear in your life today? Does it feel like you’re carrying around an inner-child that never seems to receive the nurturing and safety it keeps asking for?

These are just a few signs that you may be experiencing a form of unconscious entanglement with your family or ancestry. By shining a spotlight on unseen areas of these dynamics, the constellation process offers powerful resources that help you break cycles, heal, and create new patterns that align you with your sense of purpose and desire for healthy connection.

Why Family?
Family Constellations is supported by two decades of epigenetic research which has repeatedly shown that what your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents experienced in life has a major impact on how you move and act in the world today. By working directly with the bonds you have to your family and the experiences of past generations, you’re given an extraordinary opportunity to create healing at a root level. The result is that you not only heal yourself, you change your family tree and set the foundation for future generations to benefit.

What Happens in the Retreat?
Family Constellations is an eyes-open, experiential approach, in which fellow participants will be asked to stand and represent relevant aspects of your life. Depending on the issue you’re experiencing, representatives may be chosen for specific family members, your partner, a boss, an ex, or other people in your life. As these individuals stand in representation, they will be gently guided to tap into an awareness that allows them to become a mirror that reflects back the dynamics you’re exploring.

At first, the accuracy of these maps or constellations may be surprising. But as we progress through the weekend, we’ll go beyond creating visual representations of your life and move towards how you can free yourself from the barriers that are preventing you from creating a life that’s aligned with your larger purpose.

Some of the Intentions of This Retreat:
• Engage in a process of connecting with Source that is beyond the ordinary
• Uncover the root causes of challenges you’re experiencing so that they may be seen and meaningfully healed in conscious awareness
• Break the patterns that pull you toward recreating echoes of the past in your present day life
• Tap into collective consciousness in a manner that magnifies the power of your intentions
• Offer practical steps to move forward and make meaningful shifts in your life outside of the retreat
• Create a healing container in nature that expands each participant in a manner that supports them for months to come
• Enjoy healthy and lovingly prepared food from Maha’s chefs
• Connect with like-minded individuals and build beautiful new friendships

Testimonials for Family Constellations with Nick Werber:
"I believe this was the one thing missing in my self-help journey. I have been feeling better than I have in a long time - clear, strong and focused." - Elaine B.

“This work showed me that the issues I was experiencing had less to do with the other person, and more to do with reconnecting to what I wanted and building a healthier more mature relationship with myself. For 5 years I was locked in resistance, fear and a victim-mentality regarding relationships. Frankly, those feelings are gone now.” - Maria L.

"That was really a very powerful session for me. My partner has told me at least three times that he sees a difference in my presence/energy - as if a big weight has been lifted or something large has been released." -Brian M.


Retreat Itinerary

---Friday, August 16th---

6:30pm - 7:30pm: Check-in

7:30 – 8:30pm: First Dinner

8:45pm – 9:30pm: Welcome process in the temple, opening the container ritual, introductions with fellow participants

9:30pm: free time / bed time

---Saturday, August 17th---

8 – 9am: Breakfast

9:15am – 1pm: Family Constellations in the temple

1pm – 2p: Lunch

2pm – 3:30pm: Free time to process and be in nature

3:30pm – 6pm: Family Constellations in the temple

6pm – 7pm: Free time to process and be in nature

7:15pm – 8:30pm: Dinner

8:30pm: Free time / bed time

---Sunday, August 18th---

8 – 9am: Breakfast

9:15am – 1pm: Family Constellations in the temple

1pm – 1:30pm: Closing ritual

1:30pm – 2:30pm: Last lunch

3pm: Checkout


Exchange: $550

S I G N  U  P  O N L I N E

Nick is a healer and coach specializing in individual, family and inherited trauma, mindfulness, applied neuroscience and energy work. His entry into the healing arts started with Focalizing, a life changing mind-body approach to trauma resolution. Today, he is a leading practitioner and trainer of Focalizing and is a sought after facilitator in NYC and abroad.

Nearly five years into his work as a trauma healer, a mixture of intuition and serendipity moved him to work with several world renowned facilitators of Systemic Family Constellations including Suzi Tucker, Dan Cohen and Emily Blefeld. Inspired by the incredible outcomes he was witnessing in himself and his clients, Nick dedicated himself to this practice and soon became one of the most active Family Constellations facilitators in the Northeast.

Nick has been a featured on the My Wellbeing Therapy Network, Thrive Global, The Embody Podcast, Radio Free Brooklyn, and City Wellness Collective Healer’s Network. Nick’s greatest strength is in the sacred space he holds for healing. Those who work with him are given the gentle support they need to allow the deepest aspects of their being to shine.